Make PC More Functional With Important Software

Computer or Laptop software are programs that are part of the operating system, consisting of information or instructions which are very useful. After you install or reinstall Windows, of course, it is not perfect without being accompanied by several applications or softwares. Windows will look empty without softwares. For you who want to find important PC softwares, you can download these FileHippo computer softwares. Here are the most important softwares for your computer and laptop.

Important Applications of Windows, Computers, and Laptops

Windows systems on computers or laptops are highly recommended to be equipped with the latest Windows driver first, so can build maximum performance. Here is a list of the most important programs for Windows especially Windows 7, 8, and 10, because those operating systems have become the most popular in the present.

  1. Browser Software

In the era of the internet like now, it seems that a PC can live without a browser. The browser is a source of information seeking and a place to socialize. Some browser options that are quite capable include Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome. With those browser softwares option are already quite enough to be one of the compulsory software options for new PCs. With those softwares, you can enjoy the fast performance, friendly user interface and support for apps and extensions. Even Microsoft Edge, which is a rebranding of Internet Explorer, is now starting to be seen as an alternative browser for those who want a fast browser without the need for various features. It’s recommended for you to choose Chrome from FileHippo as the main browser. Aside from the advantages mentioned above, Chrome can integrate with other Google features and apps like Gmail, drive, and others.

  1. Office Software

Microsoft Office is one of the compulsory software for new PCs from the first PC era till now. Because the main function of PC which is the most important is to do office tasks. Those office tasks whether making correspondence documents, calculating using spreadsheets or preparing presentation material. But now, It seems like it doesn’t make sense to pay expensive payment to buy a complete package of Microsoft Office if there are other alternatives. Those alternatives are free but not using pirated Office and have more interesting features. There are at least two software options that can be alternatives than Microsoft Office for documentation requirements.

Those softwares are LibreOffice, Google Docs and also the WPS Office. Switching from Microsoft Office to those three softwares are guaranteed not to be difficult because in terms of user interface is almost similar to Microsoft Office. Google Docs can be more better than LibreOffice because of more features and the ability to collaborate with other parties on the documents we make. Very suitable for remote group work without everything having to be in one place. One of the shortcomings of Google Docs, among others, must be connected to the internet to collaborate directly.

Software For Media, Extracting and Antivirus

  1. Media Player

Although YouTube is likely to replace the function of the media player, especially video. I think we still need one software that is specifically for playing video files that are stored locally on the hard disk. The VLC player has become a recommended media player because of its ability to read almost all types of video files. For this media player software, you don’t need to think about installing the codec. You can play many video type/ files that you want to such 3GP, MOV, MP4, WEBM, and other formats of the video file. You also can choose another alternative of media player software such as Media Player Classic.

  1. Software for Compress and Extract File

Software for extracting and compressing files is also one of the important software for new PCs. Because important files like driver and others are usually downloaded in the form of Zip files. To extract them requires file extracting software. For Windows 10 users you don’t need more software like this, because Windows 10 has included it in the operating system. You just have to right click then click “extract” option. But, its recommend to use 7zip software from FileHippo because has small file size and the compression capability is better than Winzip, Winrar and Windows 10 compression software.

  1. Antivirus Software

Actually, you must buy first if you want antivirus software on your PC, but the price is so high. For your information, if you use genuine windows, there is an antivirus program from windows. But, that antivirus program seems not complete and can’t handle all viruses. Actually, your PC is safe from the virus if you can avoid sources of virus which are do not download carelessly, do not open suspicious links, and carefully plug in the disc. Antivirus is a kind of software that makes your PC clear, even your PC not yet attacked by a virus, you must anticipate it. There are some antivirus program options you can choose, Avast is one antivirus software which often used by many PC users.

Actually, there is no special reason when you choose antivirus software, but this Avast is light and does not burden PC performance. This antivirus software does not interfere when you working or run other programs. There are many other alternatives for antivirus software such BitDefender, 360o, AVG, and Microsoft Security Essentials. With that FileHippo Software, your PC is always protected from any viruses. There are many recommended software aside five types of software above such Steam for gaming, Adobe Program such as Photoshop, Premiere, Audition and also Cloud Storage.