2 Steps on How to Stop iOS Update Once Started

There might be a time you have to know how to stop iOS update once started for whatever reason. Perhaps, you just need to stop downloading the new iOS version or other downloading processes right away. Well, it’s easier than you might figure out.

It must be very annoying to see the automatic downloads which are directly going on once you get your iOS started. It is because the downloading process will automatically take out your cellular data and you don’t necessarily in need about the downloading apps. This way, you have an option to stop the iOS update.

Here are the two steps on how to stop the direct update:

  • Check the Download progress

The first step you have to carry out to iOS update once it gets started is to check out the download progress. What do you have to check out in the download progress? Well, in this case, you should check the update status toward the update by going to Settings.

After opening settings, you may choose General and head to Software Update. Or the easiest way of understanding this step is:

Settings -> General -> Software Update

When the update is in progress, it means that iOS will automatically download the apps, prepare and install them right away without your request. The next step you have to do dealing with how to stop iOS update once started is to see the following section.

  • Stop the Download

After checking out the update status by going to Settings -> General -> Software Update is to stop the download directly. This is the second step you have to do more quickly about how to stop iOS update once started. The steps are as follows:

  1. Get back to the main Settings screen menu and click on General for the second time if you have just exited the screen.
  2. The next step is to get the screen down and select iPhone Storage or iPad Storage in the device.
  3. Keep scrolling down the screen or page. When you see “Latest iOS version”, you may tap on it.
  4. The fourth step is to click on Version and Delete Update.
  5. There will be a pop-up appear to your screen for confirmation. Click on Delete Update to confirm that you really want to delete the update.
  6. The next step you have to follow is to get back to the Software Update part. Then you will see an option Download and install for the latest update. Tap on it if you want to download and install the update. If not, then you just can ignore.


Finally you may infer in your mind that the two steps on how to stop iOS update once started is quite easy and practical to apply. Make sure you follow every instruction stated on the procedure and you will be able to stop the iOS update when you just start it. Considerably, the two steps above are the simplest and easiest among the other method you can find.