Canon PIXMA MX532 Review, A Small-Office and Home Use Printer

Canon PIXMA MX532

Printing never been convenient before using Canon PIXMA MX532. If you are looking for a printer for simple work, this printer is the right choice for you. Indeed, this printer is suitable for a small office or home use. But, compared to the other brand with similar specification, you can consider this PIXMA as the great one.

For your information, even though this printer seems so simply, Canon PIXMA MX532 is the all-in-one inkjet printer. You can do all your document work by this device. Printing, copying, scanning, faxing, or syncing to your cloud is easy for it.

Canon PIXMA MX532 Features

Let’s know more about this printer further:

  • Dimension

Once you have it, don’t get confused about where to put. The printer has 7.9 x 15.2 x 18.1 (height x depth x width) dimension. It is small enough to put in your corner. Within its black chasing color, you will look at this device a stylish and simple one.

If you a moving work person, it is quite light to carry. The weight is only 18.7 lbs. On its surface, there is a small 2-inch display screen. There is where you are noticed whether your printer is connected to the internet or not. Also, you can customize the setting on that screen too.

  • Speed and Quality

Do you need a detail for your document? Here we let you know that Canon PIXMA MX532 has a 4800 x 1200 DPI resolution for color printed. While for black-white need, its resolution is up to 600 x 600 DPI. The inkjet technology supports 4 colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and pigment black.

Talking about the speed, these are the details: up to 9.7 ipm (for black-white printing), up to 5.5 ipm (for color printing), and approximately 46 seconds for printing a photo (4 x 6 inches). So, it is fast enough for not-high-demand document work, right?

  • Capacity

Remember, this printer aims for a small-business and home project use. You cannot expect a huge number of capacities. But even so that matter, its tray can deal with up to 100 sheets of paper. It is the standard capacity of paper can be stored. Plus, for the automatic document feeder is up to 30 sheets.

The maximum of the paper size is the legal (8.5 x 14 inches). The other media types supported are envelopes, photo paper, and plain paper. There is also auto duplex printing, the convenient feature to make your two-sided printing and copying document effortlessly.

Canon PIXMA MX532 Ink Cartridges

  • Connectivity

Have we mentioned that this printer is a wireless one? If you dream an easy way to print a document from your cloud, this printer could be the answer. Canon PIXMA MX532 lets you print and copy from the device you use every day. It is able to connect to the Wi-Fi and sync to your cloud or e-mail. You just need to install the free Canon PRINT app to make this thing works.

  • Copier, Scanner, and Fax

Now, we go to other features of this printer. For copying, the speed is up to 4.7 ipm with the reduction/enlargement is 25%-400%. About the scanner, you can choose whether to use its flatbed (8 x 5 x 11.7 inches) or its ADF (8.5 x 14 inches). The optical resolution is 1200 x 2400 DPI, and the interpolated resolution is 19200 x 19200 DPI.

In sending fax, it is approximately up to 50 pages. The transmission speed is about 3 seconds per black-white page, and 1 minute for the color one.  And the fax machine features are answering machine interface, fax reception reject, and remote reception.

Canon PIXMA MX532 is 1-year limited warranty and 1-year toll-free technical phone support. This warranty program depends on a certain condition. But don’t be worry, as Canon is a trusted brand, you can reach the team easily. Those things explained are your advantages if choosing Canon for your work.

How to Write Ultimate Instagram Captions

Write Ultimate Instagram Captions

Nowadays, many Instagram users are willing to put more time and effort in filling the caption sections. Because different from the other social media, writing a good caption in your Instagram post becomes a must. It isn’t excessive to say that Instagram captions are another form of modern day literature.

How to Write Ultimate Instagram Captions

Below, we constructed a directory for you to use as a guide, here they are:

  1. Write Your Caption as Necessary

Some people like to elaborate things excessively, including when writing captions for the Instagram post. If you have this tendency, then try to tone it down. Reread what you had written, and erase the unnecessary parts. The reason is that people only care for the important parts of your caption. Moreover, there’s only three lines preview for your caption without expanding the more button.

  1. Be Less Formal

Appearing formal in Instagram would make you look too stuck up. That’s why try to lose up by using informal language in your caption. You don’t have to force yourself to use the internet slangs or put acronyms to appear like the millennial generation. One thing you can try is by adding more put two or three dots instead of one.

  1. Avoid Grammatical Error and Typo

Even though you wouldn’t like to be too formal for Instagram, you should avoid any grammatical error and wrong spelling. For that reread what you wrote and edit it if you find there’s any mistake. And if you’re not confident with your writing capability, ask others to look for it. Or you can turn to some grammar and spelling checker application for help.

  1. Be Personal

People will more like to read a caption with a personal touch. Don’t always put quotes from famous people, but try to come up with your own words. That way people will more sympathetic to what you wrote. Maybe you can write about a lesson that you got from your daily experience.

  1. Use Emoji Accordingly


Emoji is like a garnish for your caption, but too many of it wouldn’t look good. Using many emojis at once you will look childish and immature. But not use it entirely can portray you as a stuffy. For that, you should keep put emoji in your caption, but use it accordingly.

  1. Call to Actions

A good caption is if it can call people to take action regarding the post. And it’s okay to address it directly by asking people to do something. For example, you ask for likes if they agree, comment if they have a different opinion, or share if they want others to know about your post.

  1. Mention Other Instagram Users

And lastly, optimize the mentioning capability for other Instagram users in the caption section. When mentioning someone, the one you mentioned will give you direct action by visiting your post. And there’s a high possibility to give you a like or even leave a comment. Also, the followers of the one you mentioned could see your activity, and they could check your page.

Those above is a list of seven guides in constructing the Instagram captions directory. And use those guides to write good captions for your post to help in improving your post engagement. Also, a good caption is art you could learn to master. As long as you’re willing to put some effort, you don’t have to be a pretty good writer.