Bluestacks Minimum Requirements You Should Know

Bluestacks Minimum Requirements

As an application, Bluestacks certainly has its own specifications to adjust to the function and performance. Therefore, the application has its own conditions to be installed on a PC. This is usually known as the minimum requirements that are important to note. The following are some of the Bluestacks minimum requirements for installing on a PC.

Bluestacks Minimum Requirements

1. Operating System

One important component for operating a PC is the OS or Operating System. Even every year, the company that makes the OS is always trying to improve its performance. No wonder there are various kinds of OS on the market today.

And the minimum requirements to be able to install Bluestacks on a PC are Windows 7 or other OS on it. Windows 7 is indeed an operating system with low performance. Therefore, to get better Bluestacks performance, use Windows 10.

2. Processor

One of Bluestacks minimum requirements is the processor. Like humans, every computer device has a brain to work with other components. The goal is that the processor can control the work of the computer and run the process.

For this reason, it’s important to match the Bluestacks application to your PC’s processor. The minimum requirements when you want to install Bluestacks are AMD processors or Intel. However, it is recommended to use a PC with an Intel processor or AMD Multi-Core Processor with virtualization extension enabled in the BIOS and a Single Thread PassMark score> 1000.

3. RAM


RAM or Random Access Memory is one important component in a computer device. When you access or run a computer randomly, RAM will store data temporarily. Of course, this will affect the performance of a computer device that does have to install several applications, one of which is Bluestacks.

One of the Bluestacks minimum requirements is to have 2 GB of RAM. If you have RAM below that of course your computer will have problems. Therefore, the Bluestack company recommends that you use 8GB of RAM or more.

4. HDD

HDD or Hard Disk Device is one important component in a computer device. Its function is to store data or output from various data processes on a computer or support a computer or laptop in providing space. The size of the hard disk is now much larger than the hard disk a few years ago.

Of course, the application now has better performance so it requires a large enough space. So to install Bluestacks HDD you have to have 5GB of free disk space. But of course, now PC devices use more HDD than that, so it would be better if you use only SSD.

5. Graphics Driver

On the monitor screen, graphics drivers or VGA can convert digital signals from a computer into a graphic display. For this reason, the role of a graphics driver is very important in operating a computing device. Even the companies that created it are constantly trying to improve the performance of their VGA.

For this reason, Bluestacks minimum requirements on VGA or graphics drivers must use the latest from Microsoft or the chipset vendor. The reason is that this will further improve the performance of both the Bluestacks application and your own PC. Therefore, it is better that you always update your driver graphics.

That was the 5 Bluestacks minimum requirements that you should consider before installing the application. This will prevent you from problems you don’t want. In addition, you can also enjoy the performance of Bluestacks well. Thus, if you ask is Bluestack safe, then the answer is yes.

How To Delete An Amazon Account Easily

How To Delete An Amazon Account

Almost everybody knows that Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the world. If you have an account on Amazon, you can access all Amazon’s websites including Amazon-owned sites such as But, if one day you have reasons that make you won’t use Amazon anymore, you can delete your account. By deleting it, your purchase history will be erased,  And if you’ve already prepared, this is how to delete an Amazon Account.

Delete Account In General

Just recently, Amazon added a method on how to delete an Amazon account. Before, when you want to delete your account, you need to go to the Help menu. And now you can contact the customer support staff to help you with deleting your account. But, if you feel more comfortable deleting your account via the Help menu, here are the steps.

  • First, go to Amazon’s site and make sure you’ve already signed in.
  • Click the Help menu in the bottom-right of the page after you checked that you don’t have any transaction. You will read several options regarding the Help menu.
  • If you want to delete your account, search for Need More Help? option.
  • Click it to see more options.
  • You need to click contact us and go to Prime Or Something Else to further steps.

Prime Or Something Else on Amazon

  • Then, you will see several menus and sections.
  • Choose “Tells us more about your issue” then “Account Settings” will appear.
  • Click and select “Close My Account”.

Close My Amazon Account

  • When you choose “Close My Account”, you need to tell the customer support staff on how to contact you. There are three options to contact you. Via email, phone or chat.
  • Choose the one you’re most comfortable with.

And then, wait for Amazon to delete your account. How fast Amazon deletes your account will depend on your choice from before.

Delete Account By Contact The Customer Support Staff

Basically, delete the Amazon account by contacting the customer support staff has the same step with the method before. The difference is, you can ask the staff to close your account immediately. Meanwhile, you need to wait for some time if you use the previous method.

  • The method on how to delete an Amazon account via directly contacting customer support staff has exactly the same steps as the previous method.
  • But, when three options that tell you how to contact Amazon staff appear, choose option phone.

Delete Amazon Account By Contact The Customer Support Staff

  • After that, you can tell the staff that you wish to delete your account.
  • Don’t forget to give the reasons why you want to close your account.

After that, you will receive an email from the customer support staff. The contain is a warning on what will you lose if you delete your account. They will also try to analyze your problems and figure out the solution. However, if you’re eager to delete your account, the staff will immediately close your account.

Now, you already know how to delete an Amazon account. If you intend to close your account,  consider what you will gain and what will you lose. And if you still want to delete it, feel free to do so.