5 Best Screen Mirroring Apps to Make Your Work Easier

Some people feel more comfortable doing their work with a larger screen. If you are kind of this person, then you should install one of the best apps for screen mirroring below. Because the app allows you to get the same view from your smartphone to your PC or other big-screen views.

Actually, this app is not only providing the same view from your phone. Another advantage is you can easily access data, photos, videos, and other applications. Also, stuff like streaming and gaming are popular too using this app. Now, see our recommendation about the best apps for screen mirroring on iOS and Android phone:

1. ApowerMirror


We think that it is a complete app for iOS and Android users. This app is more than helping you to get a larger view but also allows you to record and screen capture. ApowerMirror can deal with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebooks, and many others. The interface is very clear, easy to understand, and uncomplicated. For more flexible work, using the ApowerMirror makes you remote your phone through the PC.

2. LiveScreen Mirroring

LiveScreen Mirroring

Get easy access to a larger screen from your phone by connecting them using LiveScreen Mirroring. You just need a Wi-Fi connection to share your phone screen to PC through web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Or, you can connect both using your internet IP address. Then, enjoy video streaming, music, and gaming easily. This app supports all iOS and Android users.

3. Screen Mirroring Assistant

Screen Mirroring Assistant

This app is also popular as “mirroring360”. It helps you to connect the phone and PC easily through a unique ID or QR code. Before taking advantage of this app, you should install it on both devices. After that, you can have time to access photos, videos, games, and other files. Surprisingly, it is available in the free version. But, if you want to feel more convenient, you should have the paid one.

4. VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer

For those who have high mobility and put their work on the palm of a hand, VNC Viewer is the best tool for them. By having this app, things on the PC can be remote from their phone. You can work everywhere and every time. Ensure that you already make a RealVNC account, then log in on both devices at the same time. One thing that is very special from VNC Viewer: the end to end encryption tech. You are totally secured to transfer files and process them.

5. AirServer Connect

AirServer Connect

If you have no experience using a mirroring app, then this one is the best for the newbie. AirServer Connect has a clear interface and easy direction to use. After you install this app, click to open the QR code then scan it using your phone. Now, both devices are connected automatically. But, remember, you should have AirServer Connect on your PC and smartphone.

There you go and let’s choose one of the best apps for screen mirroring above. Feel a different experience in working using the app. If you already feel many benefits, it is good to spread to your team. Because the app is also helpful for teamwork in flexible working time and place.