5 Best Apps for Period Tracking

Getting a period is a certain thing for women. However, it sometimes can mess the planning that you’ve made before. Especially if you have an irregular cycle and not sure when exactly it comes. But don’t worry, with these best apps for period tracking recommendation, all the problems can be solved.

1. Period Tracker, My Calendar

Period Tracker, My Calendar

With 100 million downloads and 4.9 /5 stars it got, it is no doubt with this app’s popularity. It has complete features that will help you to know about your period. You can record your routine periods and predict for the next one. Not only the time it will come, but also the length.

By knowing your schedule, you can manually do birth control or try to get pregnant. Not only because it can track your period, but also by giving the pill reminder. Besides, it also has trends of fertility features.

2. Period Calendar, Cycle Tracker

Released in 2015, this period calendar also gets 4,9/ 5 stars on PlayStore. Some reviews said that they love this app because it can track their erratic cycle. It also has many moods and symptoms.

By this SimpleInnovation app, you can do customization to make it fit yourself. Lock the information you have logged by password if you feel it is privacy. It is also easy to restore and backup your data, so don’t doubt if you want to replace your device.

3. Flo: Period, Ovulation, & Pregnancy Tracker

Flo: Period, Ovulation, & Pregnancy Tracker

This app has the standard features of the period tracker. You can predict and track your period, and also estimate fertility. When you get pregnant, this app will be helpful too. You can go to pregnancy mode and monitor every progress of your baby.

What makes it one of the best apps for period tracking is the health insight feature. It allows you to track your lifestyles such as weight and water consumption. Just join the community to get more knowledge from more than 50 million other users.

4. Period Tracker, Ovulation Calendar, & Fertility

The simple calendar and beautiful design of this app will make it easy to use. This period tracker from Leap Fitness Group can predict accurately by using AI. You may forget your own schedule. So, this app has a reminder not only for the period but also for the other schedules.

You don’t need to worry about losing your data because it is connected to Google Account. Also, one app can be used by multiple accounts. Therefore, you can use the same device to check the schedule of your mother or sister too.

Not fluent in English? It is okay, this app has multiple languages to choose from. All those features are worth it to make it get 10 million downloads and 4.8 /5 stars.

5. Period Tracker, Ovulation Calendar & Fertility app

Period Tracker, Ovulation Calendar & Fertility app

What makes this app different from the others is the yearly menstrual calendar it has. So, you can see and learn the pattern of your period in a certain year. It will help you to recognize yourself. Moreover, it can also detect your body temperature and track your intercourse activity.

Choose and try one of those best apps for period tracking. No matter how irregular the schedule you have, the apps will help you to figure out your period problem. Download free drivers and software, make some plans, and don’t let period mess them.