Best Cheap Drawing Tablet, High-Quality With Low Price!

In the past, you needed a mouse when you wanted to draw in a drawing application, but now there are many drawing tablets with a pen. It makes drawing a picture easier than using a mouse. It also reduces the possibility of getting wrist problems and strain injuries. That’s why nowadays the pen tablet is very popular among people who love to design or draw an animation. And to get the best picture you need to have the best pen tablet. So, here is the recommendation of the best cheap pen tablet.

1. Wacom Intuos Draw Small CTL4100

Wacom Intuos Draw Small CTL4100

Cheap and has a high quality, which is the qualification of the best cheap pen tablet. And if you ask if there is anything like that, then you should look at Wacom Intuos Draw Small CTL4100. This pen tablet is very light and has a high-pressure sensitivity that makes you draw easily.

Moreover, the pen is battery-free so there is no need to charge it and you don’t have to worry about it’s out of power in the emergency moments. This pen tablet also works perfectly with various draw software. And for the left-handed drawer, you can perfectly use this pen tablet as it is “invertible”. However, this pen tablet’s screen is rather small for someone who used to work on a large monitor.

2. Huion Inspiroy H1161 Drawing Tablet

Huion Inspiroy H1161 Drawing Tablet

If you have a limited budget but still want to get a nice pen tablet, then you can choose to buy the Huion Inspiroy H1161 Drawing Tablet. There’s no need to ask about its specs. First, this pen tablet has an accurate pen with high sensitivity. Also, the pen won’t die suddenly from out of battery as it has no battery.

And the texture of the screen is like paper so it feels natural to draw on it. Furthermore, it can also work well with most of the animation and drawing applications. But, you will not find any wireless or Bluetooth support in this device.

3. XP-Pen Deco Pro Small

XP-Pen Deco Pro Small

If you’re left-handed and wonder what the best pen tablet you can use, XP-Pen Deco Pro Small is right for you. One of the benefits of this pen tablet is that its nice design. You can also adjust its brightness as it has small light inside it.

That way, you can even work in a dim place without getting problems. The downside of this pen tablet is that it doesn’t have Bluetooth connection or wireless. And even though the mechanical wheel is smooth, it feels like clicks so sometimes it rotates too far.

4. Veikk A50 Graphics Tablet

Veikk A50 Graphics Tablet

For a beginner, the best choice for a pen tablet is Veikk A50 Graphics Tablet. With the gesture touchpad technology, you can easily zoom in or out the screen or double-click to return to the desktop. It also is designed to work well with left-handed people. And with its high-pressure sensitivity, you can draw anything rather easy. Nonetheless, sometimes the pen nib creates a noise which is quite disturbing.

Sometimes, people think that cheap things have low quality, but this best cheap pen tablet breaks all that opinion. There are still a lot of best pen tablets at a low price you don’t know. And if you wish to know more, visit Sylvia Juncosa.

Bluestacks Minimum Requirements You Should Know

Bluestacks Minimum Requirements

As an application, Bluestacks certainly has its own specifications to adjust to the function and performance. Therefore, the application has its own conditions to be installed on a PC. This is usually known as the minimum requirements that are important to note. The following are some of the Bluestacks minimum requirements for installing on a PC.

Bluestacks Minimum Requirements

1. Operating System

One important component for operating a PC is the OS or Operating System. Even every year, the company that makes the OS is always trying to improve its performance. No wonder there are various kinds of OS on the market today.

And the minimum requirements to be able to install Bluestacks on a PC are Windows 7 or other OS on it. Windows 7 is indeed an operating system with low performance. Therefore, to get better Bluestacks performance, use Windows 10.

2. Processor

One of Bluestacks minimum requirements is the processor. Like humans, every computer device has a brain to work with other components. The goal is that the processor can control the work of the computer and run the process.

For this reason, it’s important to match the Bluestacks application to your PC’s processor. The minimum requirements when you want to install Bluestacks are AMD processors or Intel. However, it is recommended to use a PC with an Intel processor or AMD Multi-Core Processor with virtualization extension enabled in the BIOS and a Single Thread PassMark score> 1000.

3. RAM


RAM or Random Access Memory is one important component in a computer device. When you access or run a computer randomly, RAM will store data temporarily. Of course, this will affect the performance of a computer device that does have to install several applications, one of which is Bluestacks.

One of the Bluestacks minimum requirements is to have 2 GB of RAM. If you have RAM below that of course your computer will have problems. Therefore, the Bluestack company recommends that you use 8GB of RAM or more.

4. HDD

HDD or Hard Disk Device is one important component in a computer device. Its function is to store data or output from various data processes on a computer or support a computer or laptop in providing space. The size of the hard disk is now much larger than the hard disk a few years ago.

Of course, the application now has better performance so it requires a large enough space. So to install Bluestacks HDD you have to have 5GB of free disk space. But of course, now PC devices use more HDD than that, so it would be better if you use only SSD.

5. Graphics Driver

On the monitor screen, graphics drivers or VGA can convert digital signals from a computer into a graphic display. For this reason, the role of a graphics driver is very important in operating a computing device. Even the companies that created it are constantly trying to improve the performance of their VGA.

For this reason, Bluestacks minimum requirements on VGA or graphics drivers must use the latest from Microsoft or the chipset vendor. The reason is that this will further improve the performance of both the Bluestacks application and your own PC. Therefore, it is better that you always update your driver graphics.

That was the 5 Bluestacks minimum requirements that you should consider before installing the application. This will prevent you from problems you don’t want. In addition, you can also enjoy the performance of Bluestacks well. Thus, if you ask is Bluestack safe, then the answer is yes.

How To Delete An Amazon Account Easily

How To Delete An Amazon Account

Almost everybody knows that Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the world. If you have an account on Amazon, you can access all Amazon’s websites including Amazon-owned sites such as But, if one day you have reasons that make you won’t use Amazon anymore, you can delete your account. By deleting it, your purchase history will be erased,  And if you’ve already prepared, this is how to delete an Amazon Account.

Delete Account In General

Just recently, Amazon added a method on how to delete an Amazon account. Before, when you want to delete your account, you need to go to the Help menu. And now you can contact the customer support staff to help you with deleting your account. But, if you feel more comfortable deleting your account via the Help menu, here are the steps.

  • First, go to Amazon’s site and make sure you’ve already signed in.
  • Click the Help menu in the bottom-right of the page after you checked that you don’t have any transaction. You will read several options regarding the Help menu.
  • If you want to delete your account, search for Need More Help? option.
  • Click it to see more options.
  • You need to click contact us and go to Prime Or Something Else to further steps.

Prime Or Something Else on Amazon

  • Then, you will see several menus and sections.
  • Choose “Tells us more about your issue” then “Account Settings” will appear.
  • Click and select “Close My Account”.

Close My Amazon Account

  • When you choose “Close My Account”, you need to tell the customer support staff on how to contact you. There are three options to contact you. Via email, phone or chat.
  • Choose the one you’re most comfortable with.

And then, wait for Amazon to delete your account. How fast Amazon deletes your account will depend on your choice from before.

Delete Account By Contact The Customer Support Staff

Basically, delete the Amazon account by contacting the customer support staff has the same step with the method before. The difference is, you can ask the staff to close your account immediately. Meanwhile, you need to wait for some time if you use the previous method.

  • The method on how to delete an Amazon account via directly contacting customer support staff has exactly the same steps as the previous method.
  • But, when three options that tell you how to contact Amazon staff appear, choose option phone.

Delete Amazon Account By Contact The Customer Support Staff

  • After that, you can tell the staff that you wish to delete your account.
  • Don’t forget to give the reasons why you want to close your account.

After that, you will receive an email from the customer support staff. The contain is a warning on what will you lose if you delete your account. They will also try to analyze your problems and figure out the solution. However, if you’re eager to delete your account, the staff will immediately close your account.

Now, you already know how to delete an Amazon account. If you intend to close your account,  consider what you will gain and what will you lose. And if you still want to delete it, feel free to do so.

Pruning Lemongrass Plant, Here’s A Simple Way To Do It

Pruning Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a type of herbal plant that grows wild in forest areas on the slopes of mountains in tropical climates. As one of the herbs, there are tons of its uses and benefits. For example, once you plant or cultivate it, you can get culinary, medicinal, even beauty and aromatic benefits. Taking care of it usually only include watering and pruning lemongrass plant. So, that would be a good call to have it at your garden.

Moreover, although it usually grows wild in the forest, it’s also possible to plant and cultivate at home. Besides, there are some simple ways on how to harvest lemongrass by yourself at home. Though, before you harvest it, you might as well need to know about pruning this plant. Thus, this article will show you some steps you need to do in pruning lemongrass.

Things To Know Before Pruning Lemongrass Plant

Before we proceed on pruning lemongrass plant, it’s quite necessary to know a thing or two about lemongrass cultivation first. As we know that, you can now plant lemongrass anywhere such as; in pots, sacks, polybag containers, and can also in open field such as in rice field, even your backyards. Remember, the growth of lemongrass depends on several factors, like soil fertility, climate, and height above sea level.

For optimal leaf growth, a dry and humid climate is very important since lemongrass is a tropical climate native. However, during the cold season, the leaf growth might be dormant. In this case, it might look like it’s going to dry out, but it’s actually its adaptation to cold weather. Thus, while it’s dormant and the tops of it dried-off, that’s the right time to prune it. 

How to Prune Lemongrass Plant

Pruning lemongrass plant is a way to take care of the plant, also to keep them more in shape. As we know, it can grow wild if you just leave it to grow naturally—because it’s a wild herb plant. In this case, it can be quite a necessary thing to do since it grows really quick. The right time to prune lemongrass is in early spring, while it’s still dormant. Here are some steps on pruning lemongrass:

  1. The first thing you need to do is remove some unattached dead materials on the lemongrass plant. Those dead materials might include some dead stalks. In this case, you can take them away or pull them out to separate them with the healthy-green lemongrass.
  2. After you get rid of them, trim the dried-off tops of the stalks. You can cut them with hedge shears instead of clippers to make it easier to manage the shagginess.
  3. You can cut the brown top leaves of lemongrass up to 30 centimeters—or more. Don’t worry if you think you’ve cut them too short because they can grow back drastically.
  4. To keep the size and more manageable, it’s necessary to prune them regularly.

Now you know what to do on pruning lemongrass plant. You might cut some of them to use for culinary, medicinal, and aromatic benefits. That’s help the lemongrass somehow in check—for its shape. But, they grow quite rapidly so they might need extra pruning. Also, it can be quite important to encourage new growth. 

Canon PIXMA MX532 Review, A Small-Office and Home Use Printer

Canon PIXMA MX532

Printing never been convenient before using Canon PIXMA MX532. If you are looking for a printer for simple work, this printer is the right choice for you. Indeed, this printer is suitable for a small office or home use. But, compared to the other brand with similar specification, you can consider this PIXMA as the great one.

For your information, even though this printer seems so simply, Canon PIXMA MX532 is the all-in-one inkjet printer. You can do all your document work by this device. Printing, copying, scanning, faxing, or syncing to your cloud is easy for it.

Canon PIXMA MX532 Features

Let’s know more about this printer further:

  • Dimension

Once you have it, don’t get confused about where to put. The printer has 7.9 x 15.2 x 18.1 (height x depth x width) dimension. It is small enough to put in your corner. Within its black chasing color, you will look at this device a stylish and simple one.

If you a moving work person, it is quite light to carry. The weight is only 18.7 lbs. On its surface, there is a small 2-inch display screen. There is where you are noticed whether your printer is connected to the internet or not. Also, you can customize the setting on that screen too.

  • Speed and Quality

Do you need a detail for your document? Here we let you know that Canon PIXMA MX532 has a 4800 x 1200 DPI resolution for color printed. While for black-white need, its resolution is up to 600 x 600 DPI. The inkjet technology supports 4 colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and pigment black.

Talking about the speed, these are the details: up to 9.7 ipm (for black-white printing), up to 5.5 ipm (for color printing), and approximately 46 seconds for printing a photo (4 x 6 inches). So, it is fast enough for not-high-demand document work, right?

  • Capacity

Remember, this printer aims for a small-business and home project use. You cannot expect a huge number of capacities. But even so that matter, its tray can deal with up to 100 sheets of paper. It is the standard capacity of paper can be stored. Plus, for the automatic document feeder is up to 30 sheets.

The maximum of the paper size is the legal (8.5 x 14 inches). The other media types supported are envelopes, photo paper, and plain paper. There is also auto duplex printing, the convenient feature to make your two-sided printing and copying document effortlessly.

Canon PIXMA MX532 Ink Cartridges

  • Connectivity

Have we mentioned that this printer is a wireless one? If you dream an easy way to print a document from your cloud, this printer could be the answer. Canon PIXMA MX532 lets you print and copy from the device you use every day. It is able to connect to the Wi-Fi and sync to your cloud or e-mail. You just need to install the free Canon PRINT app to make this thing works.

  • Copier, Scanner, and Fax

Now, we go to other features of this printer. For copying, the speed is up to 4.7 ipm with the reduction/enlargement is 25%-400%. About the scanner, you can choose whether to use its flatbed (8 x 5 x 11.7 inches) or its ADF (8.5 x 14 inches). The optical resolution is 1200 x 2400 DPI, and the interpolated resolution is 19200 x 19200 DPI.

In sending fax, it is approximately up to 50 pages. The transmission speed is about 3 seconds per black-white page, and 1 minute for the color one.  And the fax machine features are answering machine interface, fax reception reject, and remote reception.

Canon PIXMA MX532 is 1-year limited warranty and 1-year toll-free technical phone support. This warranty program depends on a certain condition. But don’t be worry, as Canon is a trusted brand, you can reach the team easily. Those things explained are your advantages if choosing Canon for your work.

How to Write Ultimate Instagram Captions

Write Ultimate Instagram Captions

Nowadays, many Instagram users are willing to put more time and effort in filling the caption sections. Because different from the other social media, writing a good caption in your Instagram post becomes a must. It isn’t excessive to say that Instagram captions are another form of modern day literature.

How to Write Ultimate Instagram Captions

Below, we constructed a directory for you to use as a guide, here they are:

  1. Write Your Caption as Necessary

Some people like to elaborate things excessively, including when writing captions for the Instagram post. If you have this tendency, then try to tone it down. Reread what you had written, and erase the unnecessary parts. The reason is that people only care for the important parts of your caption. Moreover, there’s only three lines preview for your caption without expanding the more button.

  1. Be Less Formal

Appearing formal in Instagram would make you look too stuck up. That’s why try to lose up by using informal language in your caption. You don’t have to force yourself to use the internet slangs or put acronyms to appear like the millennial generation. One thing you can try is by adding more put two or three dots instead of one.

  1. Avoid Grammatical Error and Typo

Even though you wouldn’t like to be too formal for Instagram, you should avoid any grammatical error and wrong spelling. For that reread what you wrote and edit it if you find there’s any mistake. And if you’re not confident with your writing capability, ask others to look for it. Or you can turn to some grammar and spelling checker application for help.

  1. Be Personal

People will more like to read a caption with a personal touch. Don’t always put quotes from famous people, but try to come up with your own words. That way people will more sympathetic to what you wrote. Maybe you can write about a lesson that you got from your daily experience.

  1. Use Emoji Accordingly


Emoji is like a garnish for your caption, but too many of it wouldn’t look good. Using many emojis at once you will look childish and immature. But not use it entirely can portray you as a stuffy. For that, you should keep put emoji in your caption, but use it accordingly.

  1. Call to Actions

A good caption is if it can call people to take action regarding the post. And it’s okay to address it directly by asking people to do something. For example, you ask for likes if they agree, comment if they have a different opinion, or share if they want others to know about your post.

  1. Mention Other Instagram Users

And lastly, optimize the mentioning capability for other Instagram users in the caption section. When mentioning someone, the one you mentioned will give you direct action by visiting your post. And there’s a high possibility to give you a like or even leave a comment. Also, the followers of the one you mentioned could see your activity, and they could check your page.

Those above is a list of seven guides in constructing the Instagram captions directory. And use those guides to write good captions for your post to help in improving your post engagement. Also, a good caption is art you could learn to master. As long as you’re willing to put some effort, you don’t have to be a pretty good writer.

2 Steps on How to Stop iOS Update Once Started

There might be a time you have to know how to stop iOS update once started for whatever reason. Perhaps, you just need to stop downloading the new iOS version or other downloading processes right away. Well, it’s easier than you might figure out.

It must be very annoying to see the automatic downloads which are directly going on once you get your iOS started. It is because the downloading process will automatically take out your cellular data and you don’t necessarily in need about the downloading apps. This way, you have an option to stop the iOS update.

Here are the two steps on how to stop the direct update:

  • Check the Download progress

The first step you have to carry out to iOS update once it gets started is to check out the download progress. What do you have to check out in the download progress? Well, in this case, you should check the update status toward the update by going to Settings.

After opening settings, you may choose General and head to Software Update. Or the easiest way of understanding this step is:

Settings -> General -> Software Update

When the update is in progress, it means that iOS will automatically download the apps, prepare and install them right away without your request. The next step you have to do dealing with how to stop iOS update once started is to see the following section.

  • Stop the Download

After checking out the update status by going to Settings -> General -> Software Update is to stop the download directly. This is the second step you have to do more quickly about how to stop iOS update once started. The steps are as follows:

  1. Get back to the main Settings screen menu and click on General for the second time if you have just exited the screen.
  2. The next step is to get the screen down and select iPhone Storage or iPad Storage in the device.
  3. Keep scrolling down the screen or page. When you see “Latest iOS version”, you may tap on it.
  4. The fourth step is to click on Version and Delete Update.
  5. There will be a pop-up appear to your screen for confirmation. Click on Delete Update to confirm that you really want to delete the update.
  6. The next step you have to follow is to get back to the Software Update part. Then you will see an option Download and install for the latest update. Tap on it if you want to download and install the update. If not, then you just can ignore.


Finally you may infer in your mind that the two steps on how to stop iOS update once started is quite easy and practical to apply. Make sure you follow every instruction stated on the procedure and you will be able to stop the iOS update when you just start it. Considerably, the two steps above are the simplest and easiest among the other method you can find.

3 Ways on How To Play MP3 on iPhone

Do you want to enjoy music on your first-getting iPhone? Here is the way how to play MP3 on iPhone we are going to share. You will be highlighted by the presence of this article since you will valuable information about how to play the music especially the MP3 music.

However, before we go further to find out the information dealing with the way to play music on the iPhone, it would be better to know the iPhone music app. Now let’s scroll down the page to find them all out.

iPhone Music App

When you open up the music con on your iPhone, the library will view some lists dealing with the music. Those are the playlists, artists, albums, songs, genres, compilations, and downloading music. This is the music app you can find on your iPhone.

Playlist option will enable you to easily organize the music you have included on your iPhone. Songs option allows you to choose the desired song you want to play directly. If you have tons of music stored on your iPhone, you can personally choose and play music based on the available categories above.

  • How to Add Music to iPhone

Before we are telling you how to play MP3 on iPhone, you need to know how to add music to your iPhone. There are a lot of ways you choose to add the music to your iPhone as follows:

– You can buy music that you like from the iTunes store.
– You may sign up to Apple Music application
– Import the music to iTunes on your Mac/PC and make the music synchronization with your iPhone.
– Sign up for iTunes and sync your music across all of your devices.

  • How to Play MP3 Music on iPhone

This is the main point we are going to share. That is how to play MP3 on iPhone. Now that you have already had lots of MP3 music on your iPhone, you can directly find the tracks you really want to play. This way, you could find the music on Albums or if you want to enjoy listening to music from certain genres, you can just click on it.

Alternatively, if you want to play individual songs, you can actually be to click on the Songs tab to find out the songs list. Click on the song you want to play and the song will start to play immediately.

  • How to View the Lyrics

Do you want to view the lyrics while the song is playing? Try to look at the dots in the bottom right side. There will be some options available if you click the dots. At the last options, you will find “Lyrics”. Click on it and the lyrics will be displayed. However, if the Lyrics option is not available, it means you must find it elsewhere.


Overall, it is pretty easy to apply the way how to play MP3 on iPhone. All you need to do is just to follow all of the suggested step described above and you will directly enjoy playing MP3 on your iPhone.

5 Adobe Photoshop CS6 Features And Review

Did you realize that Adobe Photoshop CS6 is the successful version before the creative cloud series? For marketing purposes, this version is the most suitable to use. The ability to work with the layers and beautiful graphic design is enabled so that you can enhance your working performance as well as increase your photo editing business.

Luckily, if you are just a newbie, you can learn how to operate this software online from different sources. You can also find the tutorial at Due to this ease and flexibility, you will be able to carry out the photo editing process along with the features support.

Compared to Adobe Photoshop CS3, CS4, and CS5, CS6 has better and faster rendering engine to support you create the web designs in PSD formats. Other greatness of Adobe Photoshop CS6 is included in the following review:

5 Adobe Photoshop CS6 Features

  • Mercury Graphic Engine

The first feature you have to check out soon is the mercury graphic engine. In this case, CS6 is noted to be 1000 time faster for several operations. This means that this software is able to deliver more optimum performance. Hence, never hesitate to optimize this feature when you are running on the software and editing the photos.

  • User-Friendly Interface

The next feature you have to optimize just after the installation is the user-friendly interface. Along with interface which is user-friendly, Adobe Photoshop CS6 makes you possible to explore the essential features of the software on the fly including the way you crop, resize the images, and change the contracts and brightness.

  • Adobe TV Support

Other greatness offered by the software is Adobe TV support. Adobe TV is an available platform to provide you an easy tutorial about how to use CS6 if you have a problem in using the basic tools of the software. By Adobe TV, you will be able to find dozens of video tutorials booth for beginners and advanced users.

  • Free Download

Luckily, there are a lot of features of Adobe Photoshop CS6 that you can download for free. Those include plugins, filters, and brushes as well as the third party for these resources aimed for the project you are working on. However, if you want the more satisfying ones, you may purchase the paid features since the quality of free and paid is probably different.

  • Enhanced 3D Features

The next great feature you can definitely optimize as soon as you install the software is the ability to enhance 3D features. This is how you are enabled to produce pictures in the higher 3D quality. As I have stated in the opening, Adobe Photoshop CS6 is very suitable for marketing purpose. Yeah, enhanced 3D features do support you create the more fascinating photos to post on the web so that you can add the number of your marketing targets.


Out of the five features of Adobe Photoshop CS6 we have just reviewed, it is clear that the software is quite considerable as one of the recommended adobe version to download. Do you still feel doubt about it now?

How To Uninstall Tor Browser From Windows And Android

Tor Browser

TOR browser is one of many browsers that provide a secure internet. This application can save user privacy for many dangerous sites that often use the IP address to do an illegal thing. Nowadays people concern about their virtual money, and internet data because a lot of hackers always try to hack the data and get profit from them. But some user doesn’t want to use TOR anymore. They want to change it to another software or maybe the computer isn’t compatible with this browser. So here is how to uninstall tor browser from windows and android.

Uninstall TOR Browser In Windows

TOR browser is a little bit different from another program. If other programs require the user to uninstall it from the control panel, this browser isn’t like that. There are three steps to uninstall this software.

  1. Find the TOR Browser Folder

First, find the tor folder location. When a user downloads the package and extracts it, they will ask to save the file into a new folder or a new place.

The user can find it manually by sorting the name. But to make it easier, simply click on the search tab and type the name. Then the computer will show the result.

  1. Delete Folder And Shortcut

Uninstall Tor Browser

After finding the folder and shortcut, the user can delete it. Block the folder and the shortcut, then press delete on computer’s keyboard.

Or tap the right click of the mouse and choose delete. After doing this, the user will not be able to use the tor browser anymore.

  1. Empty Recycle Bin

Delete action, makes the folder and shortcut go to recycle bin. The user can stop the uninstall process in the second step. But if they want to clear the memory from harddisk they need to empty the recycle bin.

Click recycle bin icon, then block tor folder and shortcut. Tap the right click, and choose delete. Then this software is really get away from the computer.

Uninstall TOR Browser From Android

Now tor is available in android too. Even it still in alpha version, but there are a lot of people has downloaded it. If you are one of them and want to uninstall it, this is 4 steps how to uninstall tor browser from android.

  1. Open Setting Menu

The first step of how to uninstall tor browser from android is open the setting menu. The user can find this menu in app trays. Just swipe down the screen and the button is on the top of it.

  1. Click Installed Apps

The user will meet a lot of choices on this menu. Choose installed apps, and click it. Installed apps contain all application that the user downloaded. It is different from the system app which cannot uninstall from the phone.

  1. Choose Tor Browser

Choose the tor browser and click it. Here user will see how big the storage it uses. The data has been used before, some additional information and permission details.

  1. Click Uninstall Button

The last step on how to uninstall the tor browser is to click the uninstall button. When the user clicks this button, they will see a warning. Click yes if the user really wants to uninstall it. Or cancel if not sure to uninstall.

Some android over an easy way to uninstall apps. The user just needs to drag apps icon to a point (usually to the top screen). Then, the warning will appear. Choose uninstall to throw away this app. If tor browser not giving benefit to the user or the device is too full, just throw it away from the device. This tutorial can help new user to do it easily.