Make PC More Functional With Important Software

Computer or Laptop software are programs that are part of the operating system, consisting of information or instructions which are very useful. After you install or reinstall Windows, of course, it is not perfect without being accompanied by several applications or softwares. Windows will look empty without softwares. For you who want to find important PC softwares, you can download these FileHippo computer softwares. Here are the most important softwares for your computer and laptop.

Important Applications of Windows, Computers, and Laptops

Windows systems on computers or laptops are highly recommended to be equipped with the latest Windows driver first, so can build maximum performance. Here is a list of the most important programs for Windows especially Windows 7, 8, and 10, because those operating systems have become the most popular in the present.

  1. Browser Software

In the era of the internet like now, it seems that a PC can live without a browser. The browser is a source of information seeking and a place to socialize. Some browser options that are quite capable include Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome. With those browser softwares option are already quite enough to be one of the compulsory software options for new PCs. With those softwares, you can enjoy the fast performance, friendly user interface and support for apps and extensions. Even Microsoft Edge, which is a rebranding of Internet Explorer, is now starting to be seen as an alternative browser for those who want a fast browser without the need for various features. It’s recommended for you to choose Chrome from FileHippo as the main browser. Aside from the advantages mentioned above, Chrome can integrate with other Google features and apps like Gmail, drive, and others.

  1. Office Software

Microsoft Office is one of the compulsory software for new PCs from the first PC era till now. Because the main function of PC which is the most important is to do office tasks. Those office tasks whether making correspondence documents, calculating using spreadsheets or preparing presentation material. But now, It seems like it doesn’t make sense to pay expensive payment to buy a complete package of Microsoft Office if there are other alternatives. Those alternatives are free but not using pirated Office and have more interesting features. There are at least two software options that can be alternatives than Microsoft Office for documentation requirements.

Those softwares are LibreOffice, Google Docs and also the WPS Office. Switching from Microsoft Office to those three softwares are guaranteed not to be difficult because in terms of user interface is almost similar to Microsoft Office. Google Docs can be more better than LibreOffice because of more features and the ability to collaborate with other parties on the documents we make. Very suitable for remote group work without everything having to be in one place. One of the shortcomings of Google Docs, among others, must be connected to the internet to collaborate directly.

Software For Media, Extracting and Antivirus

  1. Media Player

Although YouTube is likely to replace the function of the media player, especially video. I think we still need one software that is specifically for playing video files that are stored locally on the hard disk. The VLC player has become a recommended media player because of its ability to read almost all types of video files. For this media player software, you don’t need to think about installing the codec. You can play many video type/ files that you want to such 3GP, MOV, MP4, WEBM, and other formats of the video file. You also can choose another alternative of media player software such as Media Player Classic.

  1. Software for Compress and Extract File

Software for extracting and compressing files is also one of the important software for new PCs. Because important files like driver and others are usually downloaded in the form of Zip files. To extract them requires file extracting software. For Windows 10 users you don’t need more software like this, because Windows 10 has included it in the operating system. You just have to right click then click “extract” option. But, its recommend to use 7zip software from FileHippo because has small file size and the compression capability is better than Winzip, Winrar and Windows 10 compression software.

  1. Antivirus Software

Actually, you must buy first if you want antivirus software on your PC, but the price is so high. For your information, if you use genuine windows, there is an antivirus program from windows. But, that antivirus program seems not complete and can’t handle all viruses. Actually, your PC is safe from the virus if you can avoid sources of virus which are do not download carelessly, do not open suspicious links, and carefully plug in the disc. Antivirus is a kind of software that makes your PC clear, even your PC not yet attacked by a virus, you must anticipate it. There are some antivirus program options you can choose, Avast is one antivirus software which often used by many PC users.

Actually, there is no special reason when you choose antivirus software, but this Avast is light and does not burden PC performance. This antivirus software does not interfere when you working or run other programs. There are many other alternatives for antivirus software such BitDefender, 360o, AVG, and Microsoft Security Essentials. With that FileHippo Software, your PC is always protected from any viruses. There are many recommended software aside five types of software above such Steam for gaming, Adobe Program such as Photoshop, Premiere, Audition and also Cloud Storage.

Brief Reviews of the Best JBL Speakers

Listening to music and other entertainment can be really attractive and fun. When it comes to you to find a good thing in your life, you can go choose the music to overcome almost all problems. But, the music will never get into your heart if you don’t have the proper speaker for it. Fortunately, you can find lots of speaker manufacturers recently. From the legends to the new players, you can get them easily from the market. Choosing a legendary product will also be a good thing since you can count on its quality. Of course, the matter of quality is the most important thing as you can find the most unique, most attractive one for you.

JBL, as one of the leading speaker products at the market, will give you a wide range of products that will satisfy every user. When it comes to quality, you can count on JBL to make sure that you get the best speaker. With the good reputation from 1946, you can get the best quality product for your need. In this case, as JBL speakers are getting more popular technology, you can find some of the best products that will be unique for you to use. Fortunately, the speakers will be available in various categories and also the various functions. Which one is the best? Let’s figure them out below.

The Best JBL Speakers for Everyone

For everyone who loves listening to the music, JBL will be one of the most attractive, most unique products as they provide the simplicity and also the quality for their customers. Don’t worry, the speakers are available in various features, making sure that every user will have the best experience listening to music using any JBL speaker. But, make sure that you have the original JBL speaker due to its quality that will be undoubtedly amazing. Here are some best JBL speakers for you:

  1. For the ones who are looking or the best products at an affordable price from JBL, this unique speaker will cover what you need. In this case, the JBL Go Portable will give you all that you The portable, the wireless speaker will be compatible with any smartphones from Android and Apple, making it easier if you need to connect the speaker to another’s phone. The simple USB connection with compact size makes it more functional. Don’t forget about the color variations, all the bright colors will keep you in the mood.
  2. JBL Voyager Portable Bluetooth Speaker is the one you can choose if you are looking for a home audio system. Maybe you want to listen to the music with booming, big sound. So, this speaker is the choice as it can produce a clear, booming sound as it is still available in the compact size. You can also get the speaker with full-range drivers. Don’t forget the subwoofer that will make the sound more attractive and it will bring you to a whole new experience in gaming, watching movies or even to listen to the music when you camp.
  3. For the ones who love doing outdoor activities, JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker is your best choice. Indeed, this speaker will give you not only a good sound for the activities but also a durability that will never be available in other speakers. The device is small, compact with the unique cylindrical shape. It is also good for everyone who loves hiking or camping. As it is waterproof, there is no doubt that you can put them in your backpack even when it’s rain. No need to worry about a bit of water splash!
  4. The petite JBL Clip 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is the choice when you are looking for the speaker that will be good to slip into your backpack. This is the one which will be suitable for your traveling Choosing this speaker will help you to save more spaces, as well as keeping your luggage as light as possible. Connect the speaker to your device using Bluetooth and you can enjoy the music wherever you are. In one charge, you can enjoy 5 hours of music, making it a simple plug-and-play speaker.
  5. Are you looking for something enormous with the best sound quality? If you do, get the best experience as you choose JBL Xtreme Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker is one of the best products from JBL as it has the best sound quality. With $198 price, you will never find it to be too expensive. It can give you 15 hours of enjoyment as you listen to the music. Besides, the dual USB will be very good to use.

JBL, as one of the largest speaker manufacturers in the world, has produced so many useful, functional products for the life there is no doubt that you can experience the biggest sound even in the smallest, most compact device. So, make sure you have one of your favorite speakers!

Sneak a Peek to Nintendo’s Newest Console

For every gamer, Nintendo is not a new player in the industry. Especially for the ones who grow up with their games like Mario and Zelda, Nintendo is impossible to be replaced with something new. But, you might need to admit it that Nintendo has lost its grip in the industry since its failure in producing Wii U. But, it doesn’t mean that Nintendo stops making new things and games for the ones. It is important for you to note that Nintendo is still producing more innovations. One of them is the Switch, a new product from Nintendo that is wished to save it from doom. So, how does it look?

Unveiling the New Nintendo Switch

If you are a big fan of Nintendo games, you can get them easily as you find the one that is simple and also unique. Nintendo Switch itself is a hybrid game console. You can find it as a simple device that will be perfectly fit to plug into a TV connection and also the one that can be played as a portable device. It is completed with 6.2” LCD screen with multi-touch display feature. It is also equipped with 32 GB internal storage, making it as something unique for every gamer. Besides, it also has some features like gyroscope, accelerometer, NFC, Bluetooth 4.1, wireless LAN and Wi-Fi. Wow, what a complete device for playing your games!

For everyone who is looking for a new review of this newest Nintendo console, here are some things you can have when choosing the console as your gaming solution:

  1. Just as mentioned before, it is designed as a hybrid console. You can play it as a plug-in to play them on the TV for a wider view and you need the best speaker for better enjoyment. Besides, you can also use them as a portable console. Of course, it will be a perfect game if you want some variations when playing. You can also find it to be really good as you get more than just a device to play the game, but also something to consider for your entertainment.
  2. When it comes to you to choose Nintendo Switch, you can get a sharp display quality on its 6.2” LCD screen. It will make your experience in playing games becomes more attractive and fun. Besides, you can also find it as a simple game where you find them to be a great gaming console as there will be also a multi-scheme controller to optimize your gaming experience.
  3. Nintendo also spoils its users by providing so many unique games that are the selections from Nintendo. However, these games will always win your heart as there are plenty of unique games for your need. Besides, playing the game will also help you to get more Nintendo experiences. Explore more games on the console with the beautiful graphics quality and also the best display in this device.
  4. However, after some unique and attractive features, Nintendo Switch is somehow designed with a poor battery. It might annoy you as you have fun when playing the games but your battery suddenly drops and you need to charge them. Although it is not a major problem when you choose the game, you can still find it to be annoying and bothering. Maybe Nintendo needs to fix this problem immediately.

Those are some things you can know about Nintendo Switch, the newest console from Nintendo. It has lots of uniqueness and attractive features. However, the hybrid console concept is a new thing for you. Therefore, you can try this and get a new experience as you get them for entertainment.

Update OS Method on iOS and Android

The iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple that can be said to have good performance, even though its hardware specifications are lower than those of Android smartphones. This is due to the efficiency of the operating system and applications that make the iPhone run hardware to the fullest. The operating system that is present in the iPhone itself is called iOS which already has version 10 and above. The higher the version, the iOS itself will be safer, feature-rich technology and has improvements compared to the previous version. For you who want to do iOS updates properly and correctly, you can follow these ways.

How to Update iOS via Over-The-Air or OTA

First, you can go to the Settings menu or application, on the Settings menu page, you can directly select the General menu. Then choose the Update Software menu in the General menu. Finally, you can select Download and Install, and the iPhone will process the iOS update installation until it’s finished.

The OTA or Over-The-Air update method is the most easiest compared to other ways because you only simply downloads the update file directly from the smartphone without the need to be complicated. In addition, the size of the iOS update file will correspond to the type of iPhone and the iOS version that was previously owned. In addition, make sure the internet network or WI-Fi is used stable, internal storage is allocated for updates, the battery is above 50%, and of course backup data to be more secure.

How to Update iOS Using IPSW

First, you can visit the site and download the IPSW file (firmware) for iOS with the latest version and according to the device, the model used. The thing to note is that this IPSW is not allowed for different Apple devices because it will be fatal. First, turn off the Find My Phone feature on the iPhone in the Settings menu> iCloud then connect your iPhone with a computer. Open the iTunes software that has been installed on a Windows or Apple computer and visits the Device> Summary menu.

You can directly select the Update button accompanied by pressing the Shift key (Windows) or Option (Mac). Next, look for the downloaded IPSW file and continue the process by following the instructions that appear on the screen and later the iPhone will process the version update until it’s finished. This update will use the firmware file (IPSW) which can be downloaded individually so that the gadget can determine which version of iOS will be updated. Of course, the gadget must backup first before updating.

How to Update Android

Next is how to update the operating system from Android. Nowadays, of course not only many people using Apple’s smartphone, so many people whose also using Android’s smartphone. Android’s smartphone often used by most people because of its feature, application, and games. Many of Android’s games which are so enjoyable, fun and has great gameplay. Android OS updates are sometimes not available regularly. This happens because every vendor needs adjustment first. But you don’t have to be afraid, every vendor usually remains diligent in updating the operating system.

To find out, if there is an OS update on an Android phone, you can do it manually. You can simply open Settings on your android smartphone, select About Phone and System Updates. If there is an update, just download it and arrange the installation. But beforehand, make sure your device has enough battery power. Hopefully, this article about how to update OS on Android and iOS can be useful for you. Remember to charge your phone full-charge before doing those steps.

A Glimpse to the Best Smartphones in 2018

Every year, the smartphone industry produces more than enough products that will be suitable for the lifestyle of urban individuals. When it comes to you to choose the phones, you might end up choosing the ones that are good and will complete your life. Choosing the best smartphone will not only good to elevate your prestige, but also to make sure that you can get the best when choosing the tools to optimize your life. Indeed, the smartphone will help you to give more than just a good tool to optimize your productivity, but also give you a helping hand to manage your life and read about update OS method.

Due to the high demand of smartphone and also the development in the industry, you can see lots of products being released in a year from many manufacturers. The good news is you can get more options when you want to get a new phone. But, you will also need the best way to find the most suitable smartphone. Due to the many options, you might get it to be difficult to find the one that suits you the best. So, in this article, we’ll summarize the best smartphones so far until the beginning of the late of 2018.

The Best Smartphones with Awesome Features

In 2018, many manufacturers release their new products. Each product is equipped with new features, design and even concept. But, overall, you can get the best of the products due to the simplicity of the new phones you’ll get. Recently, manufacturers more inclined to get some simple, complete-featured smartphones that will be unique and special for everyone who uses them. In this case, choosing the smartphone is not only about the brand and its designs, but also due to its complete features. So, here is a brief list of the awesome smartphones in 2018.

  1. The first smartphone that will be good to try in 2018 is Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, with its beautiful design and complete features. This smartphone was released in March 2018 and has gained so many fans during its release. With the weight of 189 grams, you can consider this smartphone as something good to grip. Equipped with Android 8 and Snapdragon 845 / Exynos 9810, you can experience more than just an exclusive smartphone but also a functional one. The premium looks even make it more beautiful.
  2. If you are a fan of Huawei, then you will be happy to hear that finally, Huawei has produced its best product, the Huawei P20 Pro. Released on April 2018, this phone is equipped with 40MP + 20 MP + 8 MP rear cameras that will make you feel amazed with its result. With 6GB RAM and 128 GB of storage, you will find it to be one of the most attractive phones for your lifestyle. The battery is also powerful enough for you to use it in a day, which is 4000 mAh. But, it still needs some changes in an interface that will make it more attractive and stylish.
  3. To everyone who is looking for a good smartphone that will give the best speaker quality, LG G7 ThinQ is the one you should choose. Released in May 2018, this smartphone has stolen the attention with Android 8.1 and it’s Snapdragon 845 CPU, making sure that you can get the powerful phone. With 4 and 6 GB RAM combined with 64 and 128 GB storage, you can get it as something beautiful. Don’t forget about its Boombox Speaker that will give you an amazing experience in listening to the music.
  4. OnePlus 6 is also one of the best choices you can make. This flagship smartphone will give you the best as it has Android 8.1 and the combination of Snapdragon 845 CPU with huge storage. In this case, everyone agrees with its powerful battery that will make you feel comfortable in doing your stuff on the internet. With the 16 MP + 20 MP rear camera and 16 MP front camera, there is no doubt that you will have the best one for your life. You need to also remember its beautiful design!

Finding a good smartphone is never easy. The key is to find it the best as you need them. When you search for the best phone, make sure you have the one with what you need and your current lifestyle. But, sometimes, investing in a good phone with a perfect, complete feature will make your activities even easier in your life.