5 Best Apps for Period Tracking

Getting a period is a certain thing for women. However, it sometimes can mess the planning that you’ve made before. Especially if you have an irregular cycle and not sure when exactly it comes. But don’t worry, with these best apps for period tracking recommendation, all the problems can be solved.

1. Period Tracker, My Calendar

Period Tracker, My Calendar

With 100 million downloads and 4.9 /5 stars it got, it is no doubt with this app’s popularity. It has complete features that will help you to know about your period. You can record your routine periods and predict for the next one. Not only the time it will come, but also the length.

By knowing your schedule, you can manually do birth control or try to get pregnant. Not only because it can track your period, but also by giving the pill reminder. Besides, it also has trends of fertility features.

2. Period Calendar, Cycle Tracker

Released in 2015, this period calendar also gets 4,9/ 5 stars on PlayStore. Some reviews said that they love this app because it can track their erratic cycle. It also has many moods and symptoms.

By this SimpleInnovation app, you can do customization to make it fit yourself. Lock the information you have logged by password if you feel it is privacy. It is also easy to restore and backup your data, so don’t doubt if you want to replace your device.

3. Flo: Period, Ovulation, & Pregnancy Tracker

Flo: Period, Ovulation, & Pregnancy Tracker

This app has the standard features of the period tracker. You can predict and track your period, and also estimate fertility. When you get pregnant, this app will be helpful too. You can go to pregnancy mode and monitor every progress of your baby.

What makes it one of the best apps for period tracking is the health insight feature. It allows you to track your lifestyles such as weight and water consumption. Just join the community to get more knowledge from more than 50 million other users.

4. Period Tracker, Ovulation Calendar, & Fertility

The simple calendar and beautiful design of this app will make it easy to use. This period tracker from Leap Fitness Group can predict accurately by using AI. You may forget your own schedule. So, this app has a reminder not only for the period but also for the other schedules.

You don’t need to worry about losing your data because it is connected to Google Account. Also, one app can be used by multiple accounts. Therefore, you can use the same device to check the schedule of your mother or sister too.

Not fluent in English? It is okay, this app has multiple languages to choose from. All those features are worth it to make it get 10 million downloads and 4.8 /5 stars.

5. Period Tracker, Ovulation Calendar & Fertility app

Period Tracker, Ovulation Calendar & Fertility app

What makes this app different from the others is the yearly menstrual calendar it has. So, you can see and learn the pattern of your period in a certain year. It will help you to recognize yourself. Moreover, it can also detect your body temperature and track your intercourse activity.

Choose and try one of those best apps for period tracking. No matter how irregular the schedule you have, the apps will help you to figure out your period problem. Download free drivers and software, make some plans, and don’t let period mess them.

Bluestacks Minimum Requirements You Should Know

Bluestacks Minimum Requirements

As an application, Bluestacks certainly has its own specifications to adjust to the function and performance. Therefore, the application has its own conditions to be installed on a PC. This is usually known as the minimum requirements that are important to note. The following are some of the Bluestacks minimum requirements for installing on a PC.

Bluestacks Minimum Requirements

1. Operating System

One important component for operating a PC is the OS or Operating System. Even every year, the company that makes the OS is always trying to improve its performance. No wonder there are various kinds of OS on the market today.

And the minimum requirements to be able to install Bluestacks on a PC are Windows 7 or other OS on it. Windows 7 is indeed an operating system with low performance. Therefore, to get better Bluestacks performance, use Windows 10.

2. Processor

One of Bluestacks minimum requirements is the processor. Like humans, every computer device has a brain to work with other components. The goal is that the processor can control the work of the computer and run the process.

For this reason, it’s important to match the Bluestacks application to your PC’s processor. The minimum requirements when you want to install Bluestacks are AMD processors or Intel. However, it is recommended to use a PC with an Intel processor or AMD Multi-Core Processor with virtualization extension enabled in the BIOS and a Single Thread PassMark score> 1000.

3. RAM


RAM or Random Access Memory is one important component in a computer device. When you access or run a computer randomly, RAM will store data temporarily. Of course, this will affect the performance of a computer device that does have to install several applications, one of which is Bluestacks.

One of the Bluestacks minimum requirements is to have 2 GB of RAM. If you have RAM below that of course your computer will have problems. Therefore, the Bluestack company recommends that you use 8GB of RAM or more.

4. HDD

HDD or Hard Disk Device is one important component in a computer device. Its function is to store data or output from various data processes on a computer or support a computer or laptop in providing space. The size of the hard disk is now much larger than the hard disk a few years ago.

Of course, the application now has better performance so it requires a large enough space. So to install Bluestacks HDD you have to have 5GB of free disk space. But of course, now PC devices use more HDD than that, so it would be better if you use only SSD.

5. Graphics Driver

On the monitor screen, graphics drivers or VGA can convert digital signals from a computer into a graphic display. For this reason, the role of a graphics driver is very important in operating a computing device. Even the companies that created it are constantly trying to improve the performance of their VGA.

For this reason, Bluestacks minimum requirements on VGA or graphics drivers must use the latest from Microsoft or the chipset vendor. The reason is that this will further improve the performance of both the Bluestacks application and your own PC. Therefore, it is better that you always update your driver graphics.

That was the 5 Bluestacks minimum requirements that you should consider before installing the application. This will prevent you from problems you don’t want. In addition, you can also enjoy the performance of Bluestacks well. Thus, if you ask is Bluestack safe, then the answer is yes.

2 Steps on How to Stop iOS Update Once Started

There might be a time you have to know how to stop iOS update once started for whatever reason. Perhaps, you just need to stop downloading the new iOS version or other downloading processes right away. Well, it’s easier than you might figure out.

It must be very annoying to see the automatic downloads which are directly going on once you get your iOS started. It is because the downloading process will automatically take out your cellular data and you don’t necessarily in need about the downloading apps. This way, you have an option to stop the iOS update.

Here are the two steps on how to stop the direct update:

  • Check the Download progress

The first step you have to carry out to iOS update once it gets started is to check out the download progress. What do you have to check out in the download progress? Well, in this case, you should check the update status toward the update by going to Settings.

After opening settings, you may choose General and head to Software Update. Or the easiest way of understanding this step is:

Settings -> General -> Software Update

When the update is in progress, it means that iOS will automatically download the apps, prepare and install them right away without your request. The next step you have to do dealing with how to stop iOS update once started is to see the following section.

  • Stop the Download

After checking out the update status by going to Settings -> General -> Software Update is to stop the download directly. This is the second step you have to do more quickly about how to stop iOS update once started. The steps are as follows:

  1. Get back to the main Settings screen menu and click on General for the second time if you have just exited the screen.
  2. The next step is to get the screen down and select iPhone Storage or iPad Storage in the device.
  3. Keep scrolling down the screen or page. When you see “Latest iOS version”, you may tap on it.
  4. The fourth step is to click on Version and Delete Update.
  5. There will be a pop-up appear to your screen for confirmation. Click on Delete Update to confirm that you really want to delete the update.
  6. The next step you have to follow is to get back to the Software Update part. Then you will see an option Download and install for the latest update. Tap on it if you want to download and install the update. If not, then you just can ignore.


Finally you may infer in your mind that the two steps on how to stop iOS update once started is quite easy and practical to apply. Make sure you follow every instruction stated on the procedure and you will be able to stop the iOS update when you just start it. Considerably, the two steps above are the simplest and easiest among the other method you can find.

3 Ways on How To Play MP3 on iPhone

Do you want to enjoy music on your first-getting iPhone? Here is the way how to play MP3 on iPhone we are going to share. You will be highlighted by the presence of this article since you will valuable information about how to play the music especially the MP3 music.

However, before we go further to find out the information dealing with the way to play music on the iPhone, it would be better to know the iPhone music app. Now let’s scroll down the page to find them all out.

iPhone Music App

When you open up the music con on your iPhone, the library will view some lists dealing with the music. Those are the playlists, artists, albums, songs, genres, compilations, and downloading music. This is the music app you can find on your iPhone.

Playlist option will enable you to easily organize the music you have included on your iPhone. Songs option allows you to choose the desired song you want to play directly. If you have tons of music stored on your iPhone, you can personally choose and play music based on the available categories above.

  • How to Add Music to iPhone

Before we are telling you how to play MP3 on iPhone, you need to know how to add music to your iPhone. There are a lot of ways you choose to add the music to your iPhone as follows:

– You can buy music that you like from the iTunes store.
– You may sign up to Apple Music application
– Import the music to iTunes on your Mac/PC and make the music synchronization with your iPhone.
– Sign up for iTunes and sync your music across all of your devices.

  • How to Play MP3 Music on iPhone

This is the main point we are going to share. That is how to play MP3 on iPhone. Now that you have already had lots of MP3 music on your iPhone, you can directly find the tracks you really want to play. This way, you could find the music on Albums or if you want to enjoy listening to music from certain genres, you can just click on it.

Alternatively, if you want to play individual songs, you can actually be to click on the Songs tab to find out the songs list. Click on the song you want to play and the song will start to play immediately.

  • How to View the Lyrics

Do you want to view the lyrics while the song is playing? Try to look at the dots in the bottom right side. There will be some options available if you click the dots. At the last options, you will find “Lyrics”. Click on it and the lyrics will be displayed. However, if the Lyrics option is not available, it means you must find it elsewhere.


Overall, it is pretty easy to apply the way how to play MP3 on iPhone. All you need to do is just to follow all of the suggested step described above and you will directly enjoy playing MP3 on your iPhone.

5 Adobe Photoshop CS6 Features And Review

Did you realize that Adobe Photoshop CS6 is the successful version before the creative cloud series? For marketing purposes, this version is the most suitable to use. The ability to work with the layers and beautiful graphic design is enabled so that you can enhance your working performance as well as increase your photo editing business.

Luckily, if you are just a newbie, you can learn how to operate this software online from different sources. You can also find the tutorial at adobe.com. Due to this ease and flexibility, you will be able to carry out the photo editing process along with the features support.

Compared to Adobe Photoshop CS3, CS4, and CS5, CS6 has better and faster rendering engine to support you create the web designs in PSD formats. Other greatness of Adobe Photoshop CS6 is included in the following review:

5 Adobe Photoshop CS6 Features

  • Mercury Graphic Engine

The first feature you have to check out soon is the mercury graphic engine. In this case, CS6 is noted to be 1000 time faster for several operations. This means that this software is able to deliver more optimum performance. Hence, never hesitate to optimize this feature when you are running on the software and editing the photos.

  • User-Friendly Interface

The next feature you have to optimize just after the installation is the user-friendly interface. Along with interface which is user-friendly, Adobe Photoshop CS6 makes you possible to explore the essential features of the software on the fly including the way you crop, resize the images, and change the contracts and brightness.

  • Adobe TV Support

Other greatness offered by the software is Adobe TV support. Adobe TV is an available platform to provide you an easy tutorial about how to use CS6 if you have a problem in using the basic tools of the software. By Adobe TV, you will be able to find dozens of video tutorials booth for beginners and advanced users.

  • Free Download

Luckily, there are a lot of features of Adobe Photoshop CS6 that you can download for free. Those include plugins, filters, and brushes as well as the third party for these resources aimed for the project you are working on. However, if you want the more satisfying ones, you may purchase the paid features since the quality of free and paid is probably different.

  • Enhanced 3D Features

The next great feature you can definitely optimize as soon as you install the software is the ability to enhance 3D features. This is how you are enabled to produce pictures in the higher 3D quality. As I have stated in the opening, Adobe Photoshop CS6 is very suitable for marketing purpose. Yeah, enhanced 3D features do support you create the more fascinating photos to post on the web so that you can add the number of your marketing targets.


Out of the five features of Adobe Photoshop CS6 we have just reviewed, it is clear that the software is quite considerable as one of the recommended adobe version to download. Do you still feel doubt about it now?

Smad-Lock from Smadav [Functions and Use]

You probably haven’t heard about Smad-Lock from Smadav. It is one of the features that can protect your computer from virus infiltration and exposure. Even if you are using the free service, you can still make use of it to the best advantage and gain. As long as you know how the virus works and how Smadav can prevent such a thing, then you will be fine.

Smadav Antivirus

Virus Movement and Exposure

The virus is clever. One can develop and evolve itself so it finds a crack, a downside, or a loophole in the computer system. When it does so, it can create damage or chaos. Spreading infection is one of the most common ways for viruses to move from one system to another. Another common way for the virus movement is through the flash drive. When one flash drive is already infected, it can infect another system once it is connected to other computers.

Among so many destructive damages that a virus can do, it can evolve itself. The most dangerous virus is the one that can plant itself and infect the files on the flash drive. Not only that, but it can also create an autorun file on the flash drive that will automatically be activated when it is connected to another computer. This autorun program is completely annoying and dangerous because it will automatically run when the flash drive is connected to another computer. There have been many cases with this infection method.

Smad-Lock Functions


This is when Smad-Lock from Smadav can be handy. How does it work? Smad-Lock will create a folder along with a protected autorun.inf inside the flash drive. By doing so, the virus won’t be able to infiltrate the flash drive – let alone to duplicate the autorun files created by Smadav 2020.

How do you activate this feature?

  • Go to the official website and download the portable software
  • Once you have downloaded the software, run it
  • If you don’t want to run ‘real-time protection’ then simply choose NO
  • Go to menu tool and choose Smad Lock option
  • On the drive list, checklist the flash drive and choose Lock menu
  • Once you have done this, you will find a folder with Smad-Lock name along with the autorun file (but it is a hidden folder).

Important Tips for Your System’s Safety

Here are some simple tips:

  • If you want to protect the important files or folders, keep all of them inside the Smad-Lock folder. Don’t delete it. Don’t rename it. Don’t do anything with the autorun file either.
  • If you are about to open or change the files in the flash drive, take them out from the folder. If they remain inside the folder, you won’t be able to run them. Remove them from inside the folder first.
  • Turn off the autorun feature on your computer. This can keep you safe from the virus that is operating with the autorun method.

If you can do all those tips, you at least won’t have to be excessively worried. Now that you already know the function and use of Smad-Lock from Smadav, you know the extra efforts to protect your computer and also flash drive.