Pruning Lemongrass Plant, Here’s A Simple Way To Do It

Pruning Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a type of herbal plant that grows wild in forest areas on the slopes of mountains in tropical climates. As one of the herbs, there are tons of its uses and benefits. For example, once you plant or cultivate it, you can get culinary, medicinal, even beauty and aromatic benefits. Taking care of it usually only include watering and pruning lemongrass plant. So, that would be a good call to have it at your garden.

Moreover, although it usually grows wild in the forest, it’s also possible to plant and cultivate at home. Besides, there are some simple ways on how to harvest lemongrass by yourself at home. Though, before you harvest it, you might as well need to know about pruning this plant. Thus, this article will show you some steps you need to do in pruning lemongrass.

Things To Know Before Pruning Lemongrass Plant

Before we proceed on pruning lemongrass plant, it’s quite necessary to know a thing or two about lemongrass cultivation first. As we know that, you can now plant lemongrass anywhere such as; in pots, sacks, polybag containers, and can also in open field such as in rice field, even your backyards. Remember, the growth of lemongrass depends on several factors, like soil fertility, climate, and height above sea level.

For optimal leaf growth, a dry and humid climate is very important since lemongrass is a tropical climate native. However, during the cold season, the leaf growth might be dormant. In this case, it might look like it’s going to dry out, but it’s actually its adaptation to cold weather. Thus, while it’s dormant and the tops of it dried-off, that’s the right time to prune it. 

How to Prune Lemongrass Plant

Pruning lemongrass plant is a way to take care of the plant, also to keep them more in shape. As we know, it can grow wild if you just leave it to grow naturally—because it’s a wild herb plant. In this case, it can be quite a necessary thing to do since it grows really quick. The right time to prune lemongrass is in early spring, while it’s still dormant. Here are some steps on pruning lemongrass:

  1. The first thing you need to do is remove some unattached dead materials on the lemongrass plant. Those dead materials might include some dead stalks. In this case, you can take them away or pull them out to separate them with the healthy-green lemongrass.
  2. After you get rid of them, trim the dried-off tops of the stalks. You can cut them with hedge shears instead of clippers to make it easier to manage the shagginess.
  3. You can cut the brown top leaves of lemongrass up to 30 centimeters—or more. Don’t worry if you think you’ve cut them too short because they can grow back drastically.
  4. To keep the size and more manageable, it’s necessary to prune them regularly.

Now you know what to do on pruning lemongrass plant. You might cut some of them to use for culinary, medicinal, and aromatic benefits. That’s help the lemongrass somehow in check—for its shape. But, they grow quite rapidly so they might need extra pruning. Also, it can be quite important to encourage new growth. 

How to Write Ultimate Instagram Captions

Write Ultimate Instagram Captions

Nowadays, many Instagram users are willing to put more time and effort in filling the caption sections. Because different from the other social media, writing a good caption in your Instagram post becomes a must. It isn’t excessive to say that Instagram captions are another form of modern day literature.

How to Write Ultimate Instagram Captions

Below, we constructed a directory for you to use as a guide, here they are:

  1. Write Your Caption as Necessary

Some people like to elaborate things excessively, including when writing captions for the Instagram post. If you have this tendency, then try to tone it down. Reread what you had written, and erase the unnecessary parts. The reason is that people only care for the important parts of your caption. Moreover, there’s only three lines preview for your caption without expanding the more button.

  1. Be Less Formal

Appearing formal in Instagram would make you look too stuck up. That’s why try to lose up by using informal language in your caption. You don’t have to force yourself to use the internet slangs or put acronyms to appear like the millennial generation. One thing you can try is by adding more put two or three dots instead of one.

  1. Avoid Grammatical Error and Typo

Even though you wouldn’t like to be too formal for Instagram, you should avoid any grammatical error and wrong spelling. For that reread what you wrote and edit it if you find there’s any mistake. And if you’re not confident with your writing capability, ask others to look for it. Or you can turn to some grammar and spelling checker application for help.

  1. Be Personal

People will more like to read a caption with a personal touch. Don’t always put quotes from famous people, but try to come up with your own words. That way people will more sympathetic to what you wrote. Maybe you can write about a lesson that you got from your daily experience.

  1. Use Emoji Accordingly


Emoji is like a garnish for your caption, but too many of it wouldn’t look good. Using many emojis at once you will look childish and immature. But not use it entirely can portray you as a stuffy. For that, you should keep put emoji in your caption, but use it accordingly.

  1. Call to Actions

A good caption is if it can call people to take action regarding the post. And it’s okay to address it directly by asking people to do something. For example, you ask for likes if they agree, comment if they have a different opinion, or share if they want others to know about your post.

  1. Mention Other Instagram Users

And lastly, optimize the mentioning capability for other Instagram users in the caption section. When mentioning someone, the one you mentioned will give you direct action by visiting your post. And there’s a high possibility to give you a like or even leave a comment. Also, the followers of the one you mentioned could see your activity, and they could check your page.

Those above is a list of seven guides in constructing the Instagram captions directory. And use those guides to write good captions for your post to help in improving your post engagement. Also, a good caption is art you could learn to master. As long as you’re willing to put some effort, you don’t have to be a pretty good writer.

How To Uninstall Tor Browser From Windows And Android

Tor Browser

TOR browser is one of many browsers that provide a secure internet. This application can save user privacy for many dangerous sites that often use the IP address to do an illegal thing. Nowadays people concern about their virtual money, and internet data because a lot of hackers always try to hack the data and get profit from them. But some user doesn’t want to use TOR anymore. They want to change it to another software or maybe the computer isn’t compatible with this browser. So here is how to uninstall tor browser from windows and android.

Uninstall TOR Browser In Windows

TOR browser is a little bit different from another program. If other programs require the user to uninstall it from the control panel, this browser isn’t like that. There are three steps to uninstall this software.

  1. Find the TOR Browser Folder

First, find the tor folder location. When a user downloads the package and extracts it, they will ask to save the file into a new folder or a new place.

The user can find it manually by sorting the name. But to make it easier, simply click on the search tab and type the name. Then the computer will show the result.

  1. Delete Folder And Shortcut

Uninstall Tor Browser

After finding the folder and shortcut, the user can delete it. Block the folder and the shortcut, then press delete on computer’s keyboard.

Or tap the right click of the mouse and choose delete. After doing this, the user will not be able to use the tor browser anymore.

  1. Empty Recycle Bin

Delete action, makes the folder and shortcut go to recycle bin. The user can stop the uninstall process in the second step. But if they want to clear the memory from harddisk they need to empty the recycle bin.

Click recycle bin icon, then block tor folder and shortcut. Tap the right click, and choose delete. Then this software is really get away from the computer.

Uninstall TOR Browser From Android

Now tor is available in android too. Even it still in alpha version, but there are a lot of people has downloaded it. If you are one of them and want to uninstall it, this is 4 steps how to uninstall tor browser from android.

  1. Open Setting Menu

The first step of how to uninstall tor browser from android is open the setting menu. The user can find this menu in app trays. Just swipe down the screen and the button is on the top of it.

  1. Click Installed Apps

The user will meet a lot of choices on this menu. Choose installed apps, and click it. Installed apps contain all application that the user downloaded. It is different from the system app which cannot uninstall from the phone.

  1. Choose Tor Browser

Choose the tor browser and click it. Here user will see how big the storage it uses. The data has been used before, some additional information and permission details.

  1. Click Uninstall Button

The last step on how to uninstall the tor browser is to click the uninstall button. When the user clicks this button, they will see a warning. Click yes if the user really wants to uninstall it. Or cancel if not sure to uninstall.

Some android over an easy way to uninstall apps. The user just needs to drag apps icon to a point (usually to the top screen). Then, the warning will appear. Choose uninstall to throw away this app. If tor browser not giving benefit to the user or the device is too full, just throw it away from the device. This tutorial can help new user to do it easily.