3 Ways on How To Play MP3 on iPhone

Do you want to enjoy music on your first-getting iPhone? Here is the way how to play MP3 on iPhone we are going to share. You will be highlighted by the presence of this article since you will valuable information about how to play the music especially the MP3 music.

However, before we go further to find out the information dealing with the way to play music on the iPhone, it would be better to know the iPhone music app. Now let’s scroll down the page to find them all out.

iPhone Music App

When you open up the music con on your iPhone, the library will view some lists dealing with the music. Those are the playlists, artists, albums, songs, genres, compilations, and downloading music. This is the music app you can find on your iPhone.

Playlist option will enable you to easily organize the music you have included on your iPhone. Songs option allows you to choose the desired song you want to play directly. If you have tons of music stored on your iPhone, you can personally choose and play music based on the available categories above.

  • How to Add Music to iPhone

Before we are telling you how to play MP3 on iPhone, you need to know how to add music to your iPhone. There are a lot of ways you choose to add the music to your iPhone as follows:

– You can buy music that you like from the iTunes store.
– You may sign up to Apple Music application
– Import the music to iTunes on your Mac/PC and make the music synchronization with your iPhone.
– Sign up for iTunes and sync your music across all of your devices.

  • How to Play MP3 Music on iPhone

This is the main point we are going to share. That is how to play MP3 on iPhone. Now that you have already had lots of MP3 music on your iPhone, you can directly find the tracks you really want to play. This way, you could find the music on Albums or if you want to enjoy listening to music from certain genres, you can just click on it.

Alternatively, if you want to play individual songs, you can actually be to click on the Songs tab to find out the songs list. Click on the song you want to play and the song will start to play immediately.

  • How to View the Lyrics

Do you want to view the lyrics while the song is playing? Try to look at the dots in the bottom right side. There will be some options available if you click the dots. At the last options, you will find “Lyrics”. Click on it and the lyrics will be displayed. However, if the Lyrics option is not available, it means you must find it elsewhere.


Overall, it is pretty easy to apply the way how to play MP3 on iPhone. All you need to do is just to follow all of the suggested step described above and you will directly enjoy playing MP3 on your iPhone.

5 Adobe Photoshop CS6 Features And Review

Did you realize that Adobe Photoshop CS6 is the successful version before the creative cloud series? For marketing purposes, this version is the most suitable to use. The ability to work with the layers and beautiful graphic design is enabled so that you can enhance your working performance as well as increase your photo editing business.

Luckily, if you are just a newbie, you can learn how to operate this software online from different sources. You can also find the tutorial at adobe.com. Due to this ease and flexibility, you will be able to carry out the photo editing process along with the features support.

Compared to Adobe Photoshop CS3, CS4, and CS5, CS6 has better and faster rendering engine to support you create the web designs in PSD formats. Other greatness of Adobe Photoshop CS6 is included in the following review:

5 Adobe Photoshop CS6 Features

  • Mercury Graphic Engine

The first feature you have to check out soon is the mercury graphic engine. In this case, CS6 is noted to be 1000 time faster for several operations. This means that this software is able to deliver more optimum performance. Hence, never hesitate to optimize this feature when you are running on the software and editing the photos.

  • User-Friendly Interface

The next feature you have to optimize just after the installation is the user-friendly interface. Along with interface which is user-friendly, Adobe Photoshop CS6 makes you possible to explore the essential features of the software on the fly including the way you crop, resize the images, and change the contracts and brightness.

  • Adobe TV Support

Other greatness offered by the software is Adobe TV support. Adobe TV is an available platform to provide you an easy tutorial about how to use CS6 if you have a problem in using the basic tools of the software. By Adobe TV, you will be able to find dozens of video tutorials booth for beginners and advanced users.

  • Free Download

Luckily, there are a lot of features of Adobe Photoshop CS6 that you can download for free. Those include plugins, filters, and brushes as well as the third party for these resources aimed for the project you are working on. However, if you want the more satisfying ones, you may purchase the paid features since the quality of free and paid is probably different.

  • Enhanced 3D Features

The next great feature you can definitely optimize as soon as you install the software is the ability to enhance 3D features. This is how you are enabled to produce pictures in the higher 3D quality. As I have stated in the opening, Adobe Photoshop CS6 is very suitable for marketing purpose. Yeah, enhanced 3D features do support you create the more fascinating photos to post on the web so that you can add the number of your marketing targets.


Out of the five features of Adobe Photoshop CS6 we have just reviewed, it is clear that the software is quite considerable as one of the recommended adobe version to download. Do you still feel doubt about it now?

How To Uninstall Tor Browser From Windows And Android

Tor Browser

TOR browser is one of many browsers that provide a secure internet. This application can save user privacy for many dangerous sites that often use the IP address to do an illegal thing. Nowadays people concern about their virtual money, and internet data because a lot of hackers always try to hack the data and get profit from them. But some user doesn’t want to use TOR anymore. They want to change it to another software or maybe the computer isn’t compatible with this browser. So here is how to uninstall tor browser from windows and android.

Uninstall TOR Browser In Windows

TOR browser is a little bit different from another program. If other programs require the user to uninstall it from the control panel, this browser isn’t like that. There are three steps to uninstall this software.

  1. Find the TOR Browser Folder

First, find the tor folder location. When a user downloads the package and extracts it, they will ask to save the file into a new folder or a new place.

The user can find it manually by sorting the name. But to make it easier, simply click on the search tab and type the name. Then the computer will show the result.

  1. Delete Folder And Shortcut

Uninstall Tor Browser

After finding the folder and shortcut, the user can delete it. Block the folder and the shortcut, then press delete on computer’s keyboard.

Or tap the right click of the mouse and choose delete. After doing this, the user will not be able to use the tor browser anymore.

  1. Empty Recycle Bin

Delete action, makes the folder and shortcut go to recycle bin. The user can stop the uninstall process in the second step. But if they want to clear the memory from harddisk they need to empty the recycle bin.

Click recycle bin icon, then block tor folder and shortcut. Tap the right click, and choose delete. Then this software is really get away from the computer.

Uninstall TOR Browser From Android

Now tor is available in android too. Even it still in alpha version, but there are a lot of people has downloaded it. If you are one of them and want to uninstall it, this is 4 steps how to uninstall tor browser from android.

  1. Open Setting Menu

The first step of how to uninstall tor browser from android is open the setting menu. The user can find this menu in app trays. Just swipe down the screen and the button is on the top of it.

  1. Click Installed Apps

The user will meet a lot of choices on this menu. Choose installed apps, and click it. Installed apps contain all application that the user downloaded. It is different from the system app which cannot uninstall from the phone.

  1. Choose Tor Browser

Choose the tor browser and click it. Here user will see how big the storage it uses. The data has been used before, some additional information and permission details.

  1. Click Uninstall Button

The last step on how to uninstall the tor browser is to click the uninstall button. When the user clicks this button, they will see a warning. Click yes if the user really wants to uninstall it. Or cancel if not sure to uninstall.

Some android over an easy way to uninstall apps. The user just needs to drag apps icon to a point (usually to the top screen). Then, the warning will appear. Choose uninstall to throw away this app. If tor browser not giving benefit to the user or the device is too full, just throw it away from the device. This tutorial can help new user to do it easily.

Smad-Lock from Smadav [Functions and Use]

You probably haven’t heard about Smad-Lock from Smadav. It is one of the features that can protect your computer from virus infiltration and exposure. Even if you are using the free service, you can still make use of it to the best advantage and gain. As long as you know how the virus works and how Smadav can prevent such a thing, then you will be fine.

Smadav Antivirus

Virus Movement and Exposure

The virus is clever. One can develop and evolve itself so it finds a crack, a downside, or a loophole in the computer system. When it does so, it can create damage or chaos. Spreading infection is one of the most common ways for viruses to move from one system to another. Another common way for the virus movement is through the flash drive. When one flash drive is already infected, it can infect another system once it is connected to other computers.

Among so many destructive damages that a virus can do, it can evolve itself. The most dangerous virus is the one that can plant itself and infect the files on the flash drive. Not only that, but it can also create an autorun file on the flash drive that will automatically be activated when it is connected to another computer. This autorun program is completely annoying and dangerous because it will automatically run when the flash drive is connected to another computer. There have been many cases with this infection method.

Smad-Lock Functions


This is when Smad-Lock from Smadav can be handy. How does it work? Smad-Lock will create a folder along with a protected autorun.inf inside the flash drive. By doing so, the virus won’t be able to infiltrate the flash drive – let alone to duplicate the autorun files created by Smadav 2020.

How do you activate this feature?

  • Go to the official website and download the portable software
  • Once you have downloaded the software, run it
  • If you don’t want to run ‘real-time protection’ then simply choose NO
  • Go to menu tool and choose Smad Lock option
  • On the drive list, checklist the flash drive and choose Lock menu
  • Once you have done this, you will find a folder with Smad-Lock name along with the autorun file (but it is a hidden folder).

Important Tips for Your System’s Safety

Here are some simple tips:

  • If you want to protect the important files or folders, keep all of them inside the Smad-Lock folder. Don’t delete it. Don’t rename it. Don’t do anything with the autorun file either.
  • If you are about to open or change the files in the flash drive, take them out from the folder. If they remain inside the folder, you won’t be able to run them. Remove them from inside the folder first.
  • Turn off the autorun feature on your computer. This can keep you safe from the virus that is operating with the autorun method.

If you can do all those tips, you at least won’t have to be excessively worried. Now that you already know the function and use of Smad-Lock from Smadav, you know the extra efforts to protect your computer and also flash drive.

Top 5 Best SSH Client For Windows OS

An SSH client is a program using a secure shell to connect to a remote system. It is usually used for remote command line login and execution. Moreover, it is also useful to securely access switches, routers, servers and other systems. Here are the best SSH client for windows.

Best SSH Client For Windows OS

KiTTY is the original of PUTTY client with several add-ons’ making it a good alternative to the original. It has some great features that make it a good tool to keep in the toolbox.

KiTTY has many features such as the users don’t need to install the portable and ZModem Integrations. Moreover, KiTTY can start the launcher, manage Hyperlinks/URLS, and has an automatics passwords/commands. Furthermore, it has the ability to run local scripts. It also has a lightweight chat server and text editor feature.

It is another SSH client supporting multiple protocols and handles connection details. It supports the protocols like RDP, VNC, ICA, SSH, Telnet, HTTP/https, and raw sockets. Moreover, it has the ability to open multiple sessions in a tabbed interface.

The user can create folders to organize sessions and store credentials with this SSH client. Moreover, it’s not loaded with bells and whistles making it as the best SSH client for windows 10. It is because it’s a very basic connection manager that works pretty well.

This client provides support for SSH, Telnet, Rlogin, RDP, VNC, XDMCP, FTP, and SFTP. It has similar features like other clients but has some interesting additional features. Those additional features are x server, plugin support, macro support, multi-execution, SSH gateway, SSH tunnels, text editor and etc.

A mobaXterm terminal can highlight syntax or use different colors on keywords. However, this SSH client is not easy to use because of its busy interface. On the other hands, it is very good for those who need an advanced SSH client.

It is a lightweight and simple terminal program for Windows. Putty supports SSH client, telnet, SFTP, and rlogin. Moreover, it is very useful for administrations which need to establish an SSH connection to remote systems. It also allows users to save session configurations, session logging, and screen customization.

The additional features include a 32 and 64-bit client, SSH2 and SSH1 protocols making it as one of the best SSH clients for windows. Furthermore, the simple interface is easy to use, so it is good for the starter. However, the save sessions doesn’t save credentials.

It is another SSH client that supports SSH1, SSH2, Telnet, Rlogin, serial and TAPI protocol. It is a commercial product that has a conventional Windows style interface. The latest features are color customization, line rewrapping, paste confirmation, drag and drop multiple sessions.

Moreover, there are also session’s management, encryption enhancements, and recent session list. However, the users can choose not to manage a session by using the quick connect option. Despite its similar features to other programs, it is still a popular choice by system admins.

The SSH clients list above have its pros and cons and some additional features that differ from others. All is the best SSH client for windows, but it depends on the users need. Download and try them one by one to find out which one fit for your need.

3 Android Smartwatch for Women to Consider

Current technology has made a lot of differences. Watches used to be wearable pieces to tell you time only. Now, you know that there are various options of smartwatches, time pieces that allow you to have more things, not only telling you the time. Well, the following list of Android smartwatch for women will show you what today’s Android smartwatches can do especially when you are now looking for a specifically designed smart timepiece for women.

Best Android Smartwatch for Women

Huawei Watch 2

Huawei Watch 2 is a smartwatch for women with a sporty design. The timepiece is known as one of the most feature-rich you can find on today’s market. This one can be used as your fitness tracker, digital assistant, and surely your smartwatch. The timepiece with a 1.2-inch, 390 x 390 display is equipped with interesting features including GPS, NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 4G SIM. Inside, the smartwatch is run by 768MB of RAM powered by a Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset. Regarding the OS, this timepiece runs Wear OS 2.0. Thankfully, the NFC support allows you to use Android Pay. In addition, the fact that this watch has a 4G SIM card slot enables you to receive calls as well as sending and receiving messages.

Michael Kors Access Runway

Well, Michael Kors Access Runway is a great option if you want a smartwatch with a lovely design. This one is also comfortable to wear. About the features, Access Runway allows you to use Google Pay, built-in GPS, heart rate tracking and selection of custom Michael Kors watch faces. With its 1.19-inch AMOLED touchscreen display, this option looks great on your wrist. In addition, for the strap, you can choose either the stainless steel or leather. Moreover, you may also choose the Ceramic model, only you will need to pay a little bit more expensive price.

LG Watch Style

LG Watch Style is one of the Android smartwatches for women who want to wear simple timepiece. Right, this one is simple in design. Compared to LG Watch Sport, the LG Watch Style is also slightly smaller with its 1.2-inch P-OLED screen. Furthermore, this smartwatch is also very light making it a perfect option for outdoor activities. Running a Wear OS, this is relatively unfortunate that this watch does not offer a lot of features including the NFC. Another thing that you may not like from this one is that the Watch Style is also expensive especially when compared to other smartwatches on today’s market with similar specs. However, still, this is a good option to consider when you need a timepiece.

Well, the three on the list above are not the only Android smartwatch for women that you can find. There are a lot more options that you may want to check out with different features and prices. For sure, it is important that you only buy one that really fits your needs.

Epson Printer Drivers Download for Windows 10

Epson is well known as one of the world’s favorite printer products. Epson printers come in various models with various functions and features offered to a wide range of users segments. And if you are one of Epson printer owners, you may experience some issues to concern about. Some issues may happen due to the physical components and other issues may be resulted by the need to update or reinstall the Epson Printer drivers. There are some ‘symptoms’ that you need to take into account regarding the problems. For instance, your Epson printer experiences crashes frequently, it is not able to communicate with your PC smoothly, or even it stops running. In addition, updating the printer driver will also help you to improve the performance of your printer as well as the computer.

Downloading Latest Epson Printer Driver for Windows 10

Well, at this moment, we are trying to focus on how to download and install Epson Printer drivers for Windows 10. Therefore, if you are using a PC with the different type of OS, you may need to search for other contents we have on the website.

To download the printer driver, you should go to the official website of Epson. You need to keep in mind that Epson printers are sold in different regions so that you should select one depending on where you live. Next, you will be redirected to the home page of Epson local website. When you are on the local website, you will need to find the ‘SUPPORT’ page. You can continue selecting ‘Printers & All-in-Ones’. Next, you just need to simply follow the instructions given to download the Epson Printer driver you need.

It is important for you to make sure that you download the correct driver. In this case, you will need to make sure that you choose the right one based on your printer model. Next, it is also essential to specify the Operating System you have either Windows 10 32-bit or Windows 10 64-bit.  Choosing the wrong file will bring to failure.

For Older Products

Another thing that we need to inform you is that older Epson printers may not support Windows 10 as a compatible OS. Many older products are compatible with Windows 7 or 8. In this case, you may need to spend longer time to find the right Epson Printer drivers you need because sometimes finding correct older printer drivers can be a bit challenging. For sure, you can also try to search for the right printer driver from other websites. In this case, you need to make sure that you only visit and download from the trusted one.

Make PC More Functional With Important Software

Computer or Laptop software are programs that are part of the operating system, consisting of information or instructions which are very useful. After you install or reinstall Windows, of course, it is not perfect without being accompanied by several applications or softwares. Windows will look empty without softwares. For you who want to find important PC softwares, you can download these FileHippo computer softwares. Here are the most important softwares for your computer and laptop.

Important Applications of Windows, Computers, and Laptops

Windows systems on computers or laptops are highly recommended to be equipped with the latest Windows driver first, so can build maximum performance. Here is a list of the most important programs for Windows especially Windows 7, 8, and 10, because those operating systems have become the most popular in the present.

  1. Browser Software

In the era of the internet like now, it seems that a PC can live without a browser. The browser is a source of information seeking and a place to socialize. Some browser options that are quite capable include Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome. With those browser softwares option are already quite enough to be one of the compulsory software options for new PCs. With those softwares, you can enjoy the fast performance, friendly user interface and support for apps and extensions. Even Microsoft Edge, which is a rebranding of Internet Explorer, is now starting to be seen as an alternative browser for those who want a fast browser without the need for various features. It’s recommended for you to choose Chrome from FileHippo as the main browser. Aside from the advantages mentioned above, Chrome can integrate with other Google features and apps like Gmail, drive, and others.

  1. Office Software

Microsoft Office is one of the compulsory software for new PCs from the first PC era till now. Because the main function of PC which is the most important is to do office tasks. Those office tasks whether making correspondence documents, calculating using spreadsheets or preparing presentation material. But now, It seems like it doesn’t make sense to pay expensive payment to buy a complete package of Microsoft Office if there are other alternatives. Those alternatives are free but not using pirated Office and have more interesting features. There are at least two software options that can be alternatives than Microsoft Office for documentation requirements.

Those softwares are LibreOffice, Google Docs and also the WPS Office. Switching from Microsoft Office to those three softwares are guaranteed not to be difficult because in terms of user interface is almost similar to Microsoft Office. Google Docs can be more better than LibreOffice because of more features and the ability to collaborate with other parties on the documents we make. Very suitable for remote group work without everything having to be in one place. One of the shortcomings of Google Docs, among others, must be connected to the internet to collaborate directly.

Software For Media, Extracting and Antivirus

  1. Media Player

Although YouTube is likely to replace the function of the media player, especially video. I think we still need one software that is specifically for playing video files that are stored locally on the hard disk. The VLC player has become a recommended media player because of its ability to read almost all types of video files. For this media player software, you don’t need to think about installing the codec. You can play many video type/ files that you want to such 3GP, MOV, MP4, WEBM, and other formats of the video file. You also can choose another alternative of media player software such as Media Player Classic.

  1. Software for Compress and Extract File

Software for extracting and compressing files is also one of the important software for new PCs. Because important files like driver and others are usually downloaded in the form of Zip files. To extract them requires file extracting software. For Windows 10 users you don’t need more software like this, because Windows 10 has included it in the operating system. You just have to right click then click “extract” option. But, its recommend to use 7zip software from FileHippo because has small file size and the compression capability is better than Winzip, Winrar and Windows 10 compression software.

  1. Antivirus Software

Actually, you must buy first if you want antivirus software on your PC, but the price is so high. For your information, if you use genuine windows, there is an antivirus program from windows. But, that antivirus program seems not complete and can’t handle all viruses. Actually, your PC is safe from the virus if you can avoid sources of virus which are do not download carelessly, do not open suspicious links, and carefully plug in the disc. Antivirus is a kind of software that makes your PC clear, even your PC not yet attacked by a virus, you must anticipate it. There are some antivirus program options you can choose, Avast is one antivirus software which often used by many PC users.

Actually, there is no special reason when you choose antivirus software, but this Avast is light and does not burden PC performance. This antivirus software does not interfere when you working or run other programs. There are many other alternatives for antivirus software such BitDefender, 360o, AVG, and Microsoft Security Essentials. With that FileHippo Software, your PC is always protected from any viruses. There are many recommended software aside five types of software above such Steam for gaming, Adobe Program such as Photoshop, Premiere, Audition and also Cloud Storage.

Brief Reviews of the Best JBL Speakers

Listening to music and other entertainment can be really attractive and fun. When it comes to you to find a good thing in your life, you can go choose the music to overcome almost all problems. But, the music will never get into your heart if you don’t have the proper speaker for it. Fortunately, you can find lots of speaker manufacturers recently. From the legends to the new players, you can get them easily from the market. Choosing a legendary product will also be a good thing since you can count on its quality. Of course, the matter of quality is the most important thing as you can find the most unique, most attractive one for you.

JBL, as one of the leading speaker products at the market, will give you a wide range of products that will satisfy every user. When it comes to quality, you can count on JBL to make sure that you get the best speaker. With the good reputation from 1946, you can get the best quality product for your need. In this case, as JBL speakers are getting more popular technology, you can find some of the best products that will be unique for you to use. Fortunately, the speakers will be available in various categories and also the various functions. Which one is the best? Let’s figure them out below.

The Best JBL Speakers for Everyone

For everyone who loves listening to the music, JBL will be one of the most attractive, most unique products as they provide the simplicity and also the quality for their customers. Don’t worry, the speakers are available in various features, making sure that every user will have the best experience listening to music using any JBL speaker. But, make sure that you have the original JBL speaker due to its quality that will be undoubtedly amazing. Here are some best JBL speakers for you:

  1. For the ones who are looking or the best products at an affordable price from JBL, this unique speaker will cover what you need. In this case, the JBL Go Portable will give you all that you The portable, the wireless speaker will be compatible with any smartphones from Android and Apple, making it easier if you need to connect the speaker to another’s phone. The simple USB connection with compact size makes it more functional. Don’t forget about the color variations, all the bright colors will keep you in the mood.
  2. JBL Voyager Portable Bluetooth Speaker is the one you can choose if you are looking for a home audio system. Maybe you want to listen to the music with booming, big sound. So, this speaker is the choice as it can produce a clear, booming sound as it is still available in the compact size. You can also get the speaker with full-range drivers. Don’t forget the subwoofer that will make the sound more attractive and it will bring you to a whole new experience in gaming, watching movies or even to listen to the music when you camp.
  3. For the ones who love doing outdoor activities, JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker is your best choice. Indeed, this speaker will give you not only a good sound for the activities but also a durability that will never be available in other speakers. The device is small, compact with the unique cylindrical shape. It is also good for everyone who loves hiking or camping. As it is waterproof, there is no doubt that you can put them in your backpack even when it’s rain. No need to worry about a bit of water splash!
  4. The petite JBL Clip 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is the choice when you are looking for the speaker that will be good to slip into your backpack. This is the one which will be suitable for your traveling Choosing this speaker will help you to save more spaces, as well as keeping your luggage as light as possible. Connect the speaker to your device using Bluetooth and you can enjoy the music wherever you are. In one charge, you can enjoy 5 hours of music, making it a simple plug-and-play speaker.
  5. Are you looking for something enormous with the best sound quality? If you do, get the best experience as you choose JBL Xtreme Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker is one of the best products from JBL as it has the best sound quality. With $198 price, you will never find it to be too expensive. It can give you 15 hours of enjoyment as you listen to the music. Besides, the dual USB will be very good to use.

JBL, as one of the largest speaker manufacturers in the world, has produced so many useful, functional products for the life there is no doubt that you can experience the biggest sound even in the smallest, most compact device. So, make sure you have one of your favorite speakers!

Sneak a Peek to Nintendo’s Newest Console

For every gamer, Nintendo is not a new player in the industry. Especially for the ones who grow up with their games like Mario and Zelda, Nintendo is impossible to be replaced with something new. But, you might need to admit it that Nintendo has lost its grip in the industry since its failure in producing Wii U. But, it doesn’t mean that Nintendo stops making new things and games for the ones. It is important for you to note that Nintendo is still producing more innovations. One of them is the Switch, a new product from Nintendo that is wished to save it from doom. So, how does it look?

Unveiling the New Nintendo Switch

If you are a big fan of Nintendo games, you can get them easily as you find the one that is simple and also unique. Nintendo Switch itself is a hybrid game console. You can find it as a simple device that will be perfectly fit to plug into a TV connection and also the one that can be played as a portable device. It is completed with 6.2” LCD screen with multi-touch display feature. It is also equipped with 32 GB internal storage, making it as something unique for every gamer. Besides, it also has some features like gyroscope, accelerometer, NFC, Bluetooth 4.1, wireless LAN and Wi-Fi. Wow, what a complete device for playing your games!

For everyone who is looking for a new review of this newest Nintendo console, here are some things you can have when choosing the console as your gaming solution:

  1. Just as mentioned before, it is designed as a hybrid console. You can play it as a plug-in to play them on the TV for a wider view and you need the best speaker for better enjoyment. Besides, you can also use them as a portable console. Of course, it will be a perfect game if you want some variations when playing. You can also find it to be really good as you get more than just a device to play the game, but also something to consider for your entertainment.
  2. When it comes to you to choose Nintendo Switch, you can get a sharp display quality on its 6.2” LCD screen. It will make your experience in playing games becomes more attractive and fun. Besides, you can also find it as a simple game where you find them to be a great gaming console as there will be also a multi-scheme controller to optimize your gaming experience.
  3. Nintendo also spoils its users by providing so many unique games that are the selections from Nintendo. However, these games will always win your heart as there are plenty of unique games for your need. Besides, playing the game will also help you to get more Nintendo experiences. Explore more games on the console with the beautiful graphics quality and also the best display in this device.
  4. However, after some unique and attractive features, Nintendo Switch is somehow designed with a poor battery. It might annoy you as you have fun when playing the games but your battery suddenly drops and you need to charge them. Although it is not a major problem when you choose the game, you can still find it to be annoying and bothering. Maybe Nintendo needs to fix this problem immediately.

Those are some things you can know about Nintendo Switch, the newest console from Nintendo. It has lots of uniqueness and attractive features. However, the hybrid console concept is a new thing for you. Therefore, you can try this and get a new experience as you get them for entertainment.