Update OS Method on iOS and Android

The iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple that can be said to have good performance, even though its hardware specifications are lower than those of Android smartphones. This is due to the efficiency of the operating system and applications that make the iPhone run hardware to the fullest. The operating system that is present in the iPhone itself is called iOS which already has version 10 and above. The higher the version, the iOS itself will be safer, feature-rich technology and has improvements compared to the previous version. For you who want to do iOS updates properly and correctly, you can follow these ways.

How to Update iOS via Over-The-Air or OTA

First, you can go to the Settings menu or application, on the Settings menu page, you can directly select the General menu. Then choose the Update Software menu in the General menu. Finally, you can select Download and Install, and the iPhone will process the iOS update installation until it’s finished.

The OTA or Over-The-Air update method is the most easiest compared to other ways because you only simply downloads the update file directly from the smartphone without the need to be complicated. In addition, the size of the iOS update file will correspond to the type of iPhone and the iOS version that was previously owned. In addition, make sure the internet network or WI-Fi is used stable, internal storage is allocated for updates, the battery is above 50%, and of course backup data to be more secure.

How to Update iOS Using IPSW

First, you can visit the ipsw.me site and download the IPSW file (firmware) for iOS with the latest version and according to the device, the model used. The thing to note is that this IPSW is not allowed for different Apple devices because it will be fatal. First, turn off the Find My Phone feature on the iPhone in the Settings menu> iCloud then connect your iPhone with a computer. Open the iTunes software that has been installed on a Windows or Apple computer and visits the Device> Summary menu.

You can directly select the Update button accompanied by pressing the Shift key (Windows) or Option (Mac). Next, look for the downloaded IPSW file and continue the process by following the instructions that appear on the screen and later the iPhone will process the version update until it’s finished. This update will use the firmware file (IPSW) which can be downloaded individually so that the gadget can determine which version of iOS will be updated. Of course, the gadget must backup first before updating.

How to Update Android

Next is how to update the operating system from Android. Nowadays, of course not only many people using Apple’s smartphone, so many people whose also using Android’s smartphone. Android’s smartphone often used by most people because of its feature, application, and games. Many of Android’s games which are so enjoyable, fun and has great gameplay. Android OS updates are sometimes not available regularly. This happens because every vendor needs adjustment first. But you don’t have to be afraid, every vendor usually remains diligent in updating the operating system.

To find out, if there is an OS update on an Android phone, you can do it manually. You can simply open Settings on your android smartphone, select About Phone and System Updates. If there is an update, just download it and arrange the installation. But beforehand, make sure your device has enough battery power. Hopefully, this article about how to update OS on Android and iOS can be useful for you. Remember to charge your phone full-charge before doing those steps.

A Glimpse to the Best Smartphones in 2018

Every year, the smartphone industry produces more than enough products that will be suitable for the lifestyle of urban individuals. When it comes to you to choose the phones, you might end up choosing the ones that are good and will complete your life. Choosing the best smartphone will not only good to elevate your prestige, but also to make sure that you can get the best when choosing the tools to optimize your life. Indeed, the smartphone will help you to give more than just a good tool to optimize your productivity, but also give you a helping hand to manage your life and read about update OS method.

Due to the high demand of smartphone and also the development in the industry, you can see lots of products being released in a year from many manufacturers. The good news is you can get more options when you want to get a new phone. But, you will also need the best way to find the most suitable smartphone. Due to the many options, you might get it to be difficult to find the one that suits you the best. So, in this article, we’ll summarize the best smartphones so far until the beginning of the late of 2018.

The Best Smartphones with Awesome Features

In 2018, many manufacturers release their new products. Each product is equipped with new features, design and even concept. But, overall, you can get the best of the products due to the simplicity of the new phones you’ll get. Recently, manufacturers more inclined to get some simple, complete-featured smartphones that will be unique and special for everyone who uses them. In this case, choosing the smartphone is not only about the brand and its designs, but also due to its complete features. So, here is a brief list of the awesome smartphones in 2018.

  1. The first smartphone that will be good to try in 2018 is Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, with its beautiful design and complete features. This smartphone was released in March 2018 and has gained so many fans during its release. With the weight of 189 grams, you can consider this smartphone as something good to grip. Equipped with Android 8 and Snapdragon 845 / Exynos 9810, you can experience more than just an exclusive smartphone but also a functional one. The premium looks even make it more beautiful.
  2. If you are a fan of Huawei, then you will be happy to hear that finally, Huawei has produced its best product, the Huawei P20 Pro. Released on April 2018, this phone is equipped with 40MP + 20 MP + 8 MP rear cameras that will make you feel amazed with its result. With 6GB RAM and 128 GB of storage, you will find it to be one of the most attractive phones for your lifestyle. The battery is also powerful enough for you to use it in a day, which is 4000 mAh. But, it still needs some changes in an interface that will make it more attractive and stylish.
  3. To everyone who is looking for a good smartphone that will give the best speaker quality, LG G7 ThinQ is the one you should choose. Released in May 2018, this smartphone has stolen the attention with Android 8.1 and it’s Snapdragon 845 CPU, making sure that you can get the powerful phone. With 4 and 6 GB RAM combined with 64 and 128 GB storage, you can get it as something beautiful. Don’t forget about its Boombox Speaker that will give you an amazing experience in listening to the music.
  4. OnePlus 6 is also one of the best choices you can make. This flagship smartphone will give you the best as it has Android 8.1 and the combination of Snapdragon 845 CPU with huge storage. In this case, everyone agrees with its powerful battery that will make you feel comfortable in doing your stuff on the internet. With the 16 MP + 20 MP rear camera and 16 MP front camera, there is no doubt that you will have the best one for your life. You need to also remember its beautiful design!

Finding a good smartphone is never easy. The key is to find it the best as you need them. When you search for the best phone, make sure you have the one with what you need and your current lifestyle. But, sometimes, investing in a good phone with a perfect, complete feature will make your activities even easier in your life.